Is exercise the drug of the future?

Last night, I found myself watching TV. This isn’t that unusual you might say but what struck me was the big beaming smile I had spread across my face at the time. The reason being, I was watching a program on the BBC called “The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs”. It is safe to say I was transfixed by the program and what Dr Chris van Tulleken was hoping to achieve.

So why did i have a beaming smile on my face? why am I now writing this blog post? The answer is simple – For sometime now, I have been mentioning how helpful exercise is for us. Even short little walks around the local park proves a huge benefit to our health, the way we feel and many other benefits. When i commenced my journey on getting fit for forty, I mentioned a few times how much better, more energised and generally healthy I felt. This was the main focus of this program and why I had this stupid grin across my face for the hour.

Dr Chris (as they called him) proved beyond doubt that prescription drugs isn’t the only method available to those seeking relief from symptoms of illness. Be it chronic pain, high cholesterol or Diabetes exercise proved a valuable tool in reducing risk of these conditions. To some extent, it even showed such improvements in the patients symptoms or circumstances that they even manage to reduce or come off the drugs all together.

They used Kung Fu for a lady who had major back pain and had such restricted movement she was quite often house bound. She was using a high level of Opium based pain killers to manage her pain and provide her with some levels of mobility. At 36 years old, this wasn’t what she wished for her life to be like however, she had become so reliant on the tablets, she didn’t see what other options were out there. She also wasn’t made aware of alternatives either by her GP as they had previously struggled to discover a route cause for her pain.  Not only did this random yet effective method help her become “free” in her body, it also aided her to reduce the amount of drugs she was using. AMAZING RESULT.

The other thing I was baffled by was how little the GP’s in the program wasn’t aware of how they could help these people reduce their symptoms to a point where they would be saving money for the NHS (our health service in the UK) Instead of being a health service our NHS has become a National Prescription Service which of course isn’t ideal and becomes a real drain on our ability to provide an effective service to the country.

I am so pleased with the fact the BBC have decided to highlight this and I truly hope the GP’s across the UK start to take notice of it.

Lets get out there, walk, run, exercise, swim do whatever you can to get your body moving and reduce the risks associated with lack of exercise and bad diet. I was really inspired by this program, if you want to check it out i have included the link below


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