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Escape Rooms are a great way to make the use of our free time. They give us a break from our hectic schedule and the chance to spend some quality time with friends and family. The main aim of the “Escape Room” is to create an experience full of excitement and fun.

To organize a faultlessly, amusing and mesmerizing Escape Room, the game should be challenging, unique and entertaining. Go ahead, have fun and experience in amazing Escape Rooms.

7 Best Ideas For An Escape Room Games 

Here are some of the best ideas for theme escape rooms. These ideas can make Escape Room Games more adventurous and happening.

60 Minutes To Jailbreak: 

Breaking the prison is an amazing escape game for birthday party scenario. With-it prisoner players are locked in separate cells and they all need to make an exit from the cells first. To make the scene more substantial players can be locked with ropes and chains. 

The jail could be more creepy by putting in abandoned look sets, fake insects and rats and spiders. Smart mind and special skills are required to make an escape from jail.

Room Of The Blind, The Deaf And The Dumb:

Make an interesting riddle for the Sensory Room that is the room of the deaf, the blind and the dumb. Take one sense of each player and let them play with the remaining senses. They will have to find alternate options for communicating and interacting with each other to pass important clues and hints.

This game prevails three players mostly. And this game is great for improving communication skills and also develops better team building.

Puzzles In the Room:

The most common and creative idea of an amazing escape room is Classical Puzzle Ideas. Here players experience a real exciting dilemma. Unusual places are used to hide each piece of the puzzle and leave a map of hints and clues that leads to the exit. In this game, players have not got the picture, it is only shown to one of them at the earlier arena of the game. The exit may be a door away. You have to solve the puzzle and find hidden clues and the keys to making an escape.

Chernobyl Escape Rooms:

A nuclear reactor themed escape room stands a great role in the list of amazing ideas for the escape room for virtual birthday celebration. In a Chernobyl, a team of players are closed off. They have in total 60 minutes to prevent a nuclear outbreak. 

Players need to follow the instructions and find the hidden clues and solve the puzzles and equations in order to avoid the nuclear disaster before it is too late. To make this escape room more tremendous, power cut, loud alarm sounds are added to make the level of the game more challenging.

Alice In The Wonderland:

Magical World of Fairy tales is a good idea for the Escape Room. Alice in Wonderland is a great fairy tale to play in the Escape Room. Here is the classical charade with distinctive lighting, sensory mirrors and colours with typical objects of different types and shapes and placed upside down.

Escape Room with Alice in Wonderland fiction states optical illusions and beautiful inference with some clues which may help you or either confuse you. The main motive to make an exit is to find the Queen of Hearts, for which they have to read the bizarre puzzle and hints and collect metaphysical items.

Mystery Murder:

A murder mystery is a great mental exercise for all the ages. Mystery murder is one of the best ones ever. Choose a smart team and leave them to solve a Mystery with a bunch of evidence that may help them to track the murderer.

The logical and reasoning must be used smartly to let them out from the room with the murderer. There will be some of the clues that may mislead you or confuse you and you have a 60 minutes time limit to complete the challenge.

Pyramids And Tombs:

In this scenario, the teams are locked in a tomb with many doors and many routes. The first clue that they find will define the further route. They are surrounded by tombstones and mummies and walls covered with ancient drawings, symbols and messages. Players need to translate all the messages and hints that lead them to the key of the exit door. 

Each key may open only one door. They have only 60 minutes to make an escape. To make this game, even more, challenging keys and hints can be hidden in different rooms of the tombs.


Remember to stick to the room and puzzles, whichever room you visit. Use all your imagination to orchestrate all the clues and sets around the themed room. Think out of the box, about challenging tasks to take players out of their comfort realm.

Go with the flow of the scents of the room, music in the escape room, traces in the room. Go forward, and a visit to these exciting rooms. Have fun!

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