Small haul, great plans!

Small haul, great plans!

  Things are radically change right now and my life is in a turmoil! I am about to leave Greece and move to the Netherlands, something that I am thrilled about, I am packing my things, I say goodbye to people that matter, I choose to exlude from my life those that don't and I find my self being extremely inspired on every aspect of my life and of course make up is one of them. Today, I have a pretty little haul for you, however great things are on schedule and I am more excited than ever. New country, new people, new studies, new lifestyle and new make up sources for you, my beautiful people of MyTrendingStories!

  But enough with me gabbling around and let's focus on our haul. It's been a couple days since I visited the Greek drugstore/mainly kid's store Jumbo that has a satisfying quantity of make up in very affordable prices. It is not the first time that I am buying make up from Jumbo, but I went looking for something specific. I was looking for the matte lip gloss I had heard were new there and I found them. However, I didn't just purchase them but I also grabbed some more useful things!

  • Matte lip gloss: On Jumbo you will find these Victoria Silk Touch matte lip glosses in 3 different shades (I got two of them):a nude one, a coral one and a red one. The pros of these lip glosses are that are paraben free,as many of Victoria's Silk Touch products, are pretty unique in color and last for a good time, as even if you drink or eat they will leave a stail on your lips. Their main con is the dryness that they give to your lips and the lines that tend to be emphasized beacuse of that. What I do is I moisturize my lips both before and after I apply one of them on my lips and the dryness almost disappears! As far as the colors go, I grabbed the number 2 and number 3. What you shoul have in mind is that both colors change when they stay on your lips for a few minutes. Number 2 starts off as a pink kinda white nude and ends up to be a pinky beige one that could make a dupe for Dolce K by Kylie Jenner! Number 3 also changes a bit, since at first is a brighter corally orange than what it ends up to be,a bit darker that is. A final small con is their fragrance, which is rather strong and if strong smells annoy you, you will find a bit hard to tolerate it. Price: 1,50€.
  • Eyeliner brush: Jumbo's brushes have lately been extremely improved and I am more than happy from their output. Thus, I also purchased this eyeliner brush, in order to use it as a precise brush for my crease or my outer lid and not so much to eyeline with it. It is very soft and very useful in a price that will make you insane! Price: 0,99€.
  • Cosmetics Sponge: My old make up sponge by Dust&Cream has started to decompose and I decied to get a new one. I am sorry that in the picture it is not out of its packaging, but since I haven't used it yet, I wan to keep it clean for as long as I can. Its size is a bit smaller than my previous one and it feels softer, something that really suits me. Price:1,50€.
  • Make up removers: I have previoulsy tried make up removers from jumbo and I find them to be better than others of even famous brands! This is the first time I get this particular line (CLEAN FACE), but I believe that these will be equally good. I grabbed mine for oily skin but there also are for normal, dry and sensitive skin. Price: 0,99€.
  • Mini hair straightener: I apologise for not being able to show this one to you in the group picture, but I am packing for my move-out and I had to already pack it up. While on vacation, my hair straightener broke and I decided to replace it with a small and affordable one, as I realise that my hair is straight and do not need any big effort. So, I grabbed this small gem, that counts no more than 16 cm! It is very handy if you want to take it with you on a trip or something like that and I will let you know how it is holding. Price: 4,99€.​      

​Hope that was helpful! Until next time xx

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