How Fashion Brands will Change Their Strategies

Fashion Brands

How Fashion Brands will Change Their Strategies

The coronavirus outbreak has changed the face of many different industries, including fashion. From the luxury powerhouses to the independent brands, wholesale suppliers to merchandisers, everyone has felt the impact of the pandemic in some way, with some businesses having to change their approach. 

The sales of clothing and accessories has fallen dramatically since March, and brands have looked to new ways to keep up their business and keep customers engaged. 

So, how will today’s fashion brands have to adapt in order to regain business and return to normal?

Find the right wholesale partner

Wholesale relationships can be incredibly important to many different brands, both big and small, established or emerging. Many fashion brands rely on wholesalers for the clothes themselves, as well as access to a network of suppliers including branding and distribution.

It’s more important than ever to make sure you are partnered with the right wholesaler to see you through. Look for a wholesale clothing supplier who can offer products without unrealistic demands, like no minimum orders and no need to commit budget ahead of time. Some wholesalers will allow you to buy in-season, so you can buy what you need, when you need it. 

This can be incredibly helpful as the fashion industry takes on a more concise and thought-out approach, with styles that are ready for the here and now.

Essentials over trend-driven

Seasonality has dominated the fashion industry for decades, but as this year’s SS20 sales have slumped, brands may wish to turn to the most popular designs that don’t seem to go out of style.

Offering customers familiar pieces they will always need could be the way forward until the industry has re-stabilised.

Multichannel approach

Brands will need to take more control than ever before over their selling capabilities. Those who previously relied on selling through other retailers may have to rethink, and give themselves back some autonomy over sales.

Fashion businesses will need to develop a multichannel approach that fully utilises the power of online presence. This can help to bring a brand to life and create that community of engaged customers. In turn, this could mean fashion businesses are able to establish a bigger voice and build on their brand.

Buyers have been increasingly moving to online shopping before the pandemic, and this may only increase as retail shops have remained shut for weeks. Even when stores reopen, it could take time for customers to gain back the confidence to visit.

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