6 Things in Romance Novels that Annoy!

I look in all kind of places for a muse, just to come up with a good story. My favorite kind of research is to dig through any kind of book, movie or play. Sometimes my journey takes me into the world of romance novels.

Now, I understand that some romance novels are not great literary works but, they entertain me. However, there are somethings in the world of romance novels that irritate the heck out of me.

To give you an idea of what things annoy me I have made a list!

  1. When a character says "thank you", after some kind of sexual act is performed. Really? Isn't that something you say to hookers?
  2. When a character describes the male they often say "sexy as hell." Seriously? I literately hear the record skipping when I read this crap! Also, I don't really understand this term. it is almost like the term "You're sh*ting me." By the way, how is hell sexy? From what I've read it doesn't seem like a place you'd want to vacation.
  3. The main character is a...virgin. Seriously? This is 2016 I am surprised when a girl makes to 18 a virgin. What does that tell you? Get with the times people!!! And BTW, while I am on the subject I am seriously not believing your story if some twenty-five-year-old is still a virgin but she had given oral sex.....I'm just saying.
  4. The characters "clean up" after sex. I mean like right away! "Hey let's take a shower", um who does this? I can see taking a shower the next day, or if the chick was a hooker that you'd want to wash that off right away. Otherwise, I think this is kind of insulting! What the other person's fluids bother you?
  5. They insist on wearing a condom but don't give up oral. Um, let's say the character is worried about an STD, but she allows and does oral and then insists they wear a condom. You know so they don't transfer STD's. Um, from what I know about "basic" sex ed, you still can get an STD if you perform oral. So why ask for the bleeping condom!!!!!!!!!
  6. He is always a billionaire and she is broke. Um..what? And, she has issues with him buying her things because he makes her feel cheap. Really, but him taking a shower right after he gives you the best sex of your life doesn't? Or the fact that he says "thank you" doesn't? Why can't she have a good income? Why does she have to be struggling in the first place?

    Sadly, this is all I could think of. I know how could I only come up with six when there are so many things we could talk about when it comes to Romance Novels. Alas, the ball is now in your court.

    What are something things about romance novels or novels in general that drive you up the wall?  Do you often go looking for your muse in Romance Novels?  Comment below, I'd love to hear what you have to say!

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Published by Christina Queen


Aug 15, 2016, 10:10:40 PM

Hi! Great read, really points out some of the inequities and traditional roles that are dated and often sexist. Just a heads up there's a typo in the line before you begin listing the points (and should be "an"), as well as a couple other minor ones. Also, to respond to point four, I think it is somewhat setting dependent, but I definitely had a girlfriend who was very averse to being sweaty, which would occur during coitus, like it made her feel gross. So maybe that's a reason why?

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