En Marche! On the Move

En Marche! On the Move

Through out our lives we are told that grieving has about five steps. Those stages are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Each step is on their own timelines, there isn't a set schedule or a goal that you meet before you can move on. You just do.
The same stages can be used to describe personal circumstances thanks to our leaders. As I am sitting waiting and watching to see how the French Elections turn out, I am hearing a lot of what the French people are saying. And it mirrors a lot of what we said here in America.
It makes me wonder, is anyone listening? The French are tired, angry, over taxed and ready for serious change. As a French-American this not only makes me sad, but it also makes me angry and ready for change.
Sound familiar?
The French are so fed up with the way things are that they are willing to elect someone who is completely different from the normal. Someone who has never held a position in office before. The other opinion is someone who people fear will divide the country based on race with the promise of protecting.
After the several terrorists attack they have encountered over the last two years, I can honestly say I don't blame them!
Again sound familiar?
The way that things are going now are just unacceptable. People are starving because jobs are becoming obsolete. What I mean by that is they are disappearing because they are no longer relevant. IE Farming, or Customer Service.
Instead of learning a new skill, or opening programs that will allow those who are going to lose their jobs and join the already flooded unemployment market, we are letting this happen. The government and us-the people.
We are more worried about using the bathroom that corresponds with our identity then we are with our futures.
This both saddens me and makes me angry.
With so much going on, terrorism, job loss, tax increases, and racisim we clearly don't have our priorities straight.
It is time to listen to the hard working person who is on the verge of lighting everything on fire because he or she can no longer handle the hardness of life. It is time to pay back citizens who have been doing nothing but giving and receiving nothing in return.
It is time to stop being babies and to rise up and make a serious change. We need to create new jobs that are relevant to the upcoming future.
We need to demand that our educational system catch up, and for the love of Pete get rid of philosophy there are no jobs for that.
We need to push aside our personal agendas and get past the angry state of our grief and move on to trust. (I know it isn't a step per say) but we need to trust in ourselves that we are going to make a change. We are going to push through and not rely on our government to make the change for us.
We also need to push for tax breaks. We need to stand up for our paychecks, however little or big they are. It is ridiculous that we are paying taxes for things but we are not seeing the fruits of our labor. IE Education!
We need to accept that we can make the change, and by doing so we elect politicians who are going to listen to our pain. We can't vote mindlessly, as I heard a lot of French people did, because they are afraid of whatever will happen regardless of who gets elected.
Disclaimer: I may have used Emmanuel Macron's campaign slogan but I am not endorsing him.
In fact, If I am going to be honest I can't not choose between him and Marine Le Pen. Both of them say a little of what I would want for France. The problem I am facing is which is the lesser of two evils.
Though I would love to see France with a woman president...
Until Next time!! 

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