I have never been one to enjoy laundry, and I had been doing it since I have been able to reach the buttons, with a chair. I sort the darks from the lights then shoved them into different washers. When everything was settle and spinning away I sat down at a round table nearby the machines that held my stuff. I needed a break from all the studying I had been doing. Hell, I needed a vacation. Seeing how I wasn't going to get that, I gave into my all consuming curiosity and need for information,  I pulled out a book on Scottish legends.

The first thing that caught my eye was the tale of a Gancanagh. According to legend the meaning of Gancanagh is “love talker”. Known as a male fairy this little guy is known for seducing women. I looked at the picture, or drawing of the creature and laughed. The drawing show the Gancanagh with almost fairy like features, and unlike an incubus, it is supposed to be attractive.The Gancanagh listens to a woman’s innermost wants and desires. He then appears to his victim as her dream mate. Overly attractive and utterly irresistible.I stopped to laugh. This could be about any man. If this legend was true then half the men in Hollywood were definitely Gancanagh or an incubus.

Turning the page I ran into more fairies, followed by witches. My eyes began to burn. This was a waste of time. Just then the timer went off on the washing machine. I put the book away. After putting all my clothes into dryers I returned to my fruitless research. This time I decided to focus more on other legends. Vampires didn’t fit, though I was sure it wasn’t going to. The blue ball of light was nowhere in the literature. I needed more information, I needed questions answered. If only I could just flat out ask Dorian and Wyatt to tell me what they were.

I rubbed my eyes with my fingers. “What am I doing?”

Perhaps I was seeing something that wasn’t really there. After all there was nothing wrong with what they were doing. The girls were still alive, and they seemed perfectly normal. If I really thought about it I was acting crazy. I could have imagined the blue ball of light, and really only saw two people making out. So what did that make me? A pervert?

Needing to get out and free my mind from serious thought I called Dorian.

“So what is on the agenda for today?” I asked Dorian over the phone. The day was young and the sun was out. I was looking forward to getting some rowing in before the rain started up later.

He groaned over the line.

“I have a date later.”

I cringed and words fell from my mouth without my knowledge. “What?”

He sighed. “I was going to cancel but Wyatt said I shouldn’t. Ugh..I don’t even know why I’m going.”

“When did you ask her out?”

Silence. Followed by some heavy breathing.

“I asked her out a few weeks ago.”

“So why don’t you want to go out with her now?”
He groaned into the phone. “I have a lot I need to do, and I know you said you wanted to do something together. “

“It's fine Dorian. I can make other plans.” I smiled though I was slightly hurt inside. “I’ll see you tomorrow in class.”

“Are you sure?”
“Yes.” I laughed.

After a few more minutes of going over where we would meet in the morning I hung up the phone. To my surprise I walked right into Wyatt. Who was talking to a red head.

He smiled at me as he draped an arm around my shoulders.

“This is my good friend Harper.” He beamed at the girl.

She smiled at me then extended her hand out. “I’m Lauren.”

“Nice to meet you.”
“So.” he said turning to me and ignoring her. “What are you doing tonight?”
I shrugged. “Nothing, your brother ditched me.”
“Asshole.” He laughed. “Then you and I are going to break in my new car.”
I shook my head. “What about Lauren?” I pointed to the girl behind him, now neglected and crossing her arms over her ample chest. He waved a hand as though he were offended by my remarks.

“I just met her. You are my brother’s best friend I can't have you running around Seattle by your lonesome. Plus, I want to have fun without the possibility of sex. I’m worn out.” He dramatically placed his hand over his forehead and sighed.

I rolled my eyes.


Lauren then turned on her heel and walked away from us.

“Oh thank Christ she is gone.” He said as he lead me towards the parking lot. “I have been trying to get out of her radar but she is determined to tie a man down.”
I laughed.

“Doesn’t she know you are a rolling stone.”
“I know right? I give off that vibe and yet girls don’t get it. Like your friend Jade.”

I shook my head and whatever words that I was trying to get out got stuck in my throat. He led me to a silver Audi A7. As I gawked at it he rubbed his hands together.
“Early birthday present from my grandfather.” 
I pressed my lips together. “Great now my present for you guys will be seriously lame.”
He laughed helping me into the car.

“Nonsense.” He said strapping himself down. “Just show us your tits and it will be grand.” 
I snorted.

The car came to life and purred like a Lion. I swallowed hard loving the feel of the engine vibrating gently. He peeled out of the parking lot and on to the freeway heading towards downtown Seattle for some sightseeing.  

“The Space Needle!” He said sounding very much like a little boy.

I laughed, “Very good Wyatt!”

“Wanna go up and have dinner.” 
I groaned knowing full well that dinner up there was probably more than twelve dollars a head.

“I don’t know.”

“What are you afraid of heights? Dorian said you were a blast to hang out with and up until this moment you were.” 
I snorted.

“Look if you have dinner with me then I’ll put in a good word for you with my brother.” he wagged his eyebrows pressing the button to call the elevator.

“What?” I hissed.

He draped his arm around my shoulders leading me inside. “Come on I see the way you look at him, and trust me I know how he feels.”

I shook my head.

“Oh delusional Wyatt, you know nothing.”



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