5 Things To Start Doing More Of

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Think about what a typical day in your life looks like. The things we do, the things we say, the things we think, and the things we make are all representations of who we are. Unconscious or intentional, what we act like is a pretty good indicator of who we are on the inside. This is not to say of course that if something tragic just happened to you that you're a horrific person for making a mistake and acting selfishly.

That said, here are 5 things I think (based on daily observation) we should all be doing more of, and they're not what you think.

  1. Be suspicious. Careful, really. More often than we care to admit, we trust people too quickly or assume things about people that aren't true. And others (ourselves included) end up getting hurt or embarrassed. Before you believe an article, story, or just plain gossip, ask yourself if the source of that information is reliable and honest. Ask if there are any facts that have been hidden from your understanding. With people, be sure of their character and intentions. Trust is important in interpersonal relationships, but a certain amount of hesitation can save you quite a bit of unnecessary stress.
  2. (And seemingly contrary) Give the benefit of the doubt. We can be so fast to believe the worst about other people just because it makes us feel better about how our lives are going. Sometimes I think I'm so good at judging other people's behavior that I could legitimately put Simon Cowell out of a job. What do you wish someone would do if they heard or saw something strange about your behavior or personal life? You'd prefer them to stop and wonder what your reason is, and if they could help in any way. There is always a reason for someone's actions (not to be confused with excuse).
  3. Tip. I know, "she's a barista, of course she would tell people to tip more" but hear (read??) me out. Until I started this job, I missed the point of tipping. I thought it didn't matter if the person was being paid by the hour anyway. Obviously, that reasoning is shoddy, at best. Because that person's paycheck isn't coming for another week and a half, and your tips could be the only way that person gets dinner tonight. Just try to put yourself in their shoes.
  4. Sing in the car. Dude, I don't care if anybody else can see me, and neither should you! They should mind their own business and watch the road if they have a problem with it, and if they don't - well you just made someone's day. And I'm talking about blasting that Aretha playlist and belting it! Go for it, because it's not very often you get the chance to sing-yell your heart out and feel fabulous doing it, and it can be very therapeutic.
  5. "Talk less, smile more" (whoa, got a Hamilton quote in there. Boom.) Stop talking about yourself so much. Ask questions and actually listen to the answers. You'll be surprised by how much you like learning about the other person. It also adds a little (probably needed) perspective to your day - your world is not the world. There are millions of similar situations people face every single day, and hearing about that from other people gives us hope, makes us not feel so alone in our struggles and triumphs and small happenings. It teaches us to care, because we relate.

There are probably  definitely way more things we could all afford to do more often, but you know what they say about eating an elephant. We always talk about how we want to make the world a better place, and I think that's going to happen on a personal level, not a corporate one. All we can do is our best. Imagine if just a thousand people in your town gave their best today. Start there.


Published by Christina Rowland

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