5 Ways to Start the New Year Off Right

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 I always think the same thing every year, "Resolutions are dumb. Nobody sticks to them and it's a silly thing to do anyway." But now that January has started and 2017 is here - I still think new year's resolutions are pointless. However, I do think there are some practical ways to get 2017 off to a good start, so here we go boys and girls...

5 Ways to Start the New Year Off Right 
  1. Try something new. There's no better way to trick your brain into thinking things have changed than to pick up a new hobby or activity. Always wanted to start a vlog? DO IT (and send me the link, I'll watch it. Bam, you have at least one follower). Wondering about yoga? Give it a shot! I do it and find it to be a great way to de-stress and focus my mind (you don't have to eat grass and walk around barefoot to enjoy it). How about learning an instrument? That's what Youtube is for. Volunteer with the animal shelter? Spend time with animals for free, there is literally no downside. Just get out there and expand your comfort zone.
  2. Don't get so offended. Let things roll of your back. You might find that you have more energy to actually make a difference in the world. I'm just gonna leave that there.
  3. Floss. Because who enjoys the feeling of sitting in that dentist's chair and either lying or stuttering your way through a response to that horrible question? Just floss. Even if it's only once a week. I would bet that's more than you already do it.
  4. Change up your style. Men and women alike, sometimes just changing your clothing options can make you feel more confident. To quote my older brother, "Look good, feel good. Feel good, do good, win." I'm fairly certain he heard that somewhere else, but that's where I heard it from so indulge me.
  5. Give yourself something to look forward to. Now that Christmas and New Year is past, this time can feel monotonous and depressing. If you plan something out in advance, it gives you the feeling of anticipation that you've been so used to for the past 2 months. Even if it's a weekend trip for Valentine's Day (hold your fire) or a camping trip with friends, planning something fun to work toward might make the boring part go by faster. It doesn't need to be expensive either (I get it, Christmas just happened and your bank account is starting to feel like a vacuum).

If you made a New Year's resolution, I sincerely hope that you stick with it. If not, that's cool too. Bottom line: don't let this opportunity for new beginnings pass you by. Here's to 2017, whatever it holds.


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