Donald Trump is Not Your Savior

The next four years is gonna be huuuuuuuge.

WOW. How did Facebook's and Twitter's servers handle it this week? We were pretty much suffocating in political posts from both sides of the election. Pointless, derogatory posts filled up my newsfeed, and all about Trump (or his son, but I won't lend my attention to those low-life bullies who think that's ok).

I feel like this is not even a political problem anymore, and more of an identity issue. People are identifying themselves with being either for or against Donald Trump. It's not ok. Some great friends of mine have made it a very very personal issue that the man who was sworn in Friday is now our president (yes, I said OUR president. You're an American citizen, aren't you? Obama was OUR president as well).  I'm sure I don't have to explain why attaching your identity to another human or idea is not only destructive, but also unfair. I want to talk specifically about being careful how far you go on either side of the spectrum.

While strong convictions regarding serious issues is important, be wary of the fact that you may be cutting yourself off from having responsible conversations about how to affect real change. If you're on Facebook calling a whole group of people (my group of people) derogatory names and plastering your emotionally charged opinions everywhere, how can I sit with you face to face and have a mature conversation about an important topic? I don't know about you, but I find that two-faced people (regardless of their religious or political persuasion) are extremely difficult to talk to.

Donald Trump is not your savior. Neither was Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama Definitely wasn't that at all. Despite the action figure. It genuinely astounds me how people can complain about the leaders of our country for 3 years, and when year 4 rolls around they basically worship their favorite candidate. Why are we worshiping the very same people who supposedly make our lives miserable? (Que violins playing in the background for we poor oppressed Americans.) And don't try to tell me that Trump was not a leader in our country before January 20th, while half the people who were rioting in the street that day were hooked on Celebrity Apprentice a few years ago and still use his name as a verb. Our problem as an electing society is that we believe 100% of the promises and accusations that escaped the mouths of both candidates. Hillary would not have been allowed to take our guns, and Trump will not make it his personal vendetta to persecute the LGBTQ community. Get real, my friends. They said things that would get them more votes from wherever they thought they could get the most.

While Donald Trump is not your savior, he is not the devil, either. He will not and cannot fix the country's MOUNT EVEREST of problems in the short span of four years. If only our situation were that cheery. No, he is one man seated in the same chair that 44 other men before him has sat in. I don't even think George Washington himself could fix what we've gotten ourselves into, and Donald Trump is certainly no George Washington. On the flipside, nobody is going to let the President of the United States be this misogynistic jerk some say he is (lookin' at you, media). Some act like he's going to repeal the 19th amendment next month.

Not to diminish the office, but this is just another presidency. 

Published by Christina Rowland

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