Finals Week Survival Guide


Ah, the Christmas season with all it's nostalgia and obnoxious commercialization is upon us! Lights up everywhere, carols drifting out of every storefront, and the occasional snow flurry appear putting you in a benevolent and friendly mood until -


Finals. Finals everywhere. It's all you can think about. And yet here you are reading my blog post (and here I am writing it). Fear not, here is your guide to surviving finals week and making it to Christmas with at least a trace of your sanity left so that you don't frighten your family.

  • Cry in secret. Professors can sense fear, and online classes can feel it radiate through the computer. Be strong, fake it till you make it, find whatever ounce of courage is left inside of you, and walk into that exam with all the false confidence you can muster. It'll also help you accept the passing grade you earn. (But you passed, you smarty-pants)
  • Get actual sleep. Any sleep. I have a friend working on a degree in engineering (so granted it's not an easy program), and he pulled like 2 all-nighters at the end of last semester. Pretty sure it made him a little delusional and neurotic, to be honest.
  • Skip the stuff you already know. If you know it, you know it for a test. Study the material that you're not sure about and save yourself a little time. Don't stress about what you're comfortable with (or I am naming your stress ulcer, "A." As in the personality type that created it.)
  • Do your best, and forget the rest. Hopefully that rhyme was horrible enough that you remember it forever, because it's true. Look, I'm a solid B student, and I'm satisfied with it. I don't lose sleep over trying to get all A's because future employers don't give one if my college grades were A's, B's, or C's, as long as I have that over-priced piece of paper in my hand.

However our finals turn out, let's be proud of ourselves for making it through another semester! We're five months closer to being done! And when it's all over, enjoy the Christmas season without thinking about school. Think about the fact that this is the birthday celebration above all birthday celebrations, and jump in with both feet. Because Jesus deserves it!


Published by Christina Rowland

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