I Missed the Memo - I'm Not Offended

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I must have missed some memo, because I don't seem to be offended by as much as society suggests I should be offended by. But alas, this is the world as we approach the end of 2016.

This year is appearing to be the year that getting offended at things is in vogue. Are you Atheist? Take offense at public prayer. Are you a Democrat? Call Trump supporters mean names. Christian? Boycott Target. How about race? Black? Hispanic? Asian? Let's make fun of people who recognize and talk about your race. (News flash: dogs are colorblind, I am not. If your skin happens to be a different color than mine, I should be allowed to talk about it without having someone assume I'm bigoted just for pointing it out.) We call racist, sexist, homophobe, communist, and redneck every chance we get, without really pausing to think about whether or not our insult or attitude is justified. I, for one, find it utterly exhausting.

I realize that there are some things we definitely should be offended by. There is injustice in this world that will never be put into check unless the masses take action. But taking to the internet to bash a certain group simply because you feel like you have the moral right? Not okay. Calling a friend racist (even half-jokingly) for mentioning your skin color in a non-derogatory way? Please don't. For the love of all that is good, don't do that. That kind of thing snowballs. Calling a man a sexist pig because he prefers a girl who knows how to bake? Easy, don't date him. Why do we take everything personally? When did we, as a society, decide that if a person disagrees with your point of view then they must be against you as a person? We've started a nasty chain reaction that is going to be nearly impossible to break. But break it we must.

In order to have any positive progress in this world we need to be able to say what's what without worrying about the emotional consequences of our words. For the greater good, we need to stop getting so offended when a person simply states their opinion or preference. Ask your self the question: "who made me the ethics police?" I know it's possible to hit the proverbial rewind button on what we've so intricately created, we only need to take the initiative to put ourselves aside and actually do it (I know it's possible because I've seen people do it on tumblr).

It's not up to me to condemn a person for simply being the way that they are, it's my job to love them despite our differences. That doesn't mean I won't speak up if that's necessary, or that I'm compromising on my beliefs. It means I'm choosing to not be so self-absorbed so as to assume that what/who a person is is a direct attack on what/who I am. I am taking one enormous chill pill.

Now try this exercise: free college, evolution, #voteforbernie, transgender bathroom, gender equality, global warming, cats vs. dogs, abortion, God, music, education. Now walk away slowly without doing anything and enjoy your day.


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Published by Christina Rowland

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