To My Future Daughter

To my future daughter:

There are those in the world who would have you believe that you deserve more. Always more. More rights, more options, more money, the list goes on. They would have you react with your emotions to things that are out of your control or depth of authority. They find it strange and unsettling when a woman won't respond to a certain issue with fits of rage and assertion of her female dominance like they do. They cannot reconcile grace and strength.

It may be a part of history, or it may not, but the Women's March of 2017 was not in your favor. It was not to fight for your rights as a beautiful, loved, valued human being. The Suffrage Movement did that for us and won. The Women's March was comprised of the people I wrote about, people who do not know anything except to look out for themselves, and believe whatever popular people tell them about popular issues. These people were not taught to act selflessly, and in fact may not have the capability, as true selflessness comes from knowing God. They were not taught to call into question all voices of authority, only those which contradict their selfish motives.

At this time in the world, so many women in so many different nations are oppressed. They are abused, ridiculed, hidden, beaten, silenced, burned, and mocked. They have no way of escape, and most will live this way until the day they die. Many are forgotten by their own families, left to defend themselves against a harsh and hostile society that has created a culture of hatred toward women, for the simple fact that they are women. This is not how God intended it to be. Jesus himself defied the exclusivity of his culture to make women feel valued and stand tall. Now let me paint you a picture of America at this same time.

Women hold positions of power in our government, they are some of the most influential people in the country. They appear voluntarily on movies and television shows as sex symbols, and are worshiped for it by men and women alike. It is acceptable for women to browbeat men frequently, in fact it is encouraged and turned into cheap humor as if to shame and verbally abuse another human being is not only good, but funny. Women hold as an infallible truth in their minds that it is an acceptable option to kill their unborn children if they simply don't feel like giving birth, or if they find it would be an inconvenience in their lives to care for their son or daughter. Women are allowed to play God.

Dearest daughter, you have been given so much. Generations before you have died gruesome deaths on the battlefield of equality on your behalf. Men and women, some barely older than children, have sacrificed for you and I to have the freedom we take for granted. These Women's Marches do not stand for equality. They do not stand for women's health, and they do not stand for protection from abuse. They stand for selfishness. They stand for a lack of grace, and they stand for the absence of strength. 

For grace would forgive wrongdoings and remember our position of great potential for change. It would not expose it's body on the alter of attention or threaten those chosen to lead us. Strength would stand up for the oppressed and respect authority. It would not take to shouting in the streets for a few hours while dressed like a fool. 

My heart, my cherished girl, be careful that you do not react with fiery outbursts and bold declarations of brutality without first considering your motive. Never arrive at a place in your mind where it is o.k. to abuse another person, not matter their sex. Display grace in all that you do and say, and in that be a presence of wisdom in a culture so saturated with depravity. And never forget to have strength. Strength to stand tall against selfish institutions, strength to remain silent when cursed, strength to defend the helpless and hopeless, and strength to forgive those who make you think that you are somehow weak for possessing these qualities. 

Published by Christina Rowland

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