How to Start a Business Letter and Email with an Example?

How to Start a Business Letter and Email with an Example?

Jun 4, 2019, 2:11:44 PM Business

In the professional world, you will often need to write a business letter or mail. The business letter or email is necessary in every step in almost everything that you do in the corporate world such as when you want to apply for a new post or want to send a thank you note or a note of apology to your colleague or send a farewell email. Thus it is very essential that you know how to write a business letter or mail. If you want samples and examples of business letter or email you can get it on  

You should write every business letter in such a way that it creates a long-lasting impression in the mind of the reader. It becomes possible only when you start the letter in an impressive way. The way you will start the business letter will actually show your ability about how well you will be able to deal with your client or colleague or supervisor or any other person who is connected to you or your company. 

Rules to start a business letter or email with examples

All business letter formatting includes the contact information, salutation, Body of the letter, complimentary close and signature. The following are some rules that you should always follow while writing a business letter:

Contact Information and Date: This is the most important information that contains the name and position of the sender and receiver, appropriate address of the company along with the State and pin code and should be followed by the phone number and email ID of both the sender and receiver. The contact information of the sender should be placed on the left-hand side of the business letter or mail. After that it is necessary to write the date of the day when you are sending the letter followed by the contact information of the sender as shown below:

811, Business Tower center
Bonafide Road, 
M.O 38105+91 9844706598

May 24, 2019

George Barkline
Managing Head
McGraw Enterprises
Boston Lane, Macaw

Salutation: The next important thing that you should give immense importance after the contact information is the proper use of salutation. Salutation is something with which you will address the recipient and as such, it should be written in a correct way. You should try to provide the salutation in the politest manner. Some of the most common salutations used in the Business letter are – Dear, Mr., Mrs., Miss, etc. After the proper salutation you should either take the first name or last name of the recipient as shown below:

Dear Barkline, 

Body of the letter: You should write the body of the business letter in a simple language so that the recipient can easily understand what you want to convey. In the body of the business letter, you should address all the queries of the recipient if any. You should always convey your message in the politest manner and that is the reason why after the appropriate salutation you should not directly start your speech rather it is always better, to begin with, a thank you note as shown in the following example:

Thank you for giving your valuable time to us and participating in our workshop.     
<Body of the Letter>

Complimentary close and signature: After providing all the necessary information you should also close the letter with proper closing terms such as ‘Best Wishes’, ‘Thanking You’, ‘Sincerely’, etc. Finally, you should put your signature and name as follows:

Best Wishes, 
M.S. Mathew


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