Invisalign: Everything you need to know in 2019

Invisalign: Everything you need to know in 2019

May 27, 2019, 8:41:15 PM Opinion

The 180 ° change in image and attitude offered by modern orthodontics can have motives as diverse as their patients.

For many, it all starts with an innocent toothache that not even painkillers can diffuse.
Others witnessed how, over the years (and against all the odds) their smile morphed to become completely anti-aesthetic, making them self-conscious of each laugh or laughter;
And there is another group, facing chewing problems and misalignment for their entire life.

From each of these three scenarios we collected alarming figures, and media agencies have pointed out than half of the world population has, to put it mildly, crooked teeth, being a majority of the cases, adults.

On the other hand, only 16% of the population has an adequate bite, making them vulnerable to developing cavities and other serious medical problems.

For these cases, the solution came by the hand of a "millennial" technique, which although it has some time in the picture, it's in 2019 that it acquired much more strength thanks due to technological advances and the current standards of living.

We're talking about Invisalign, which discards the drawbacks of traditional solutions such as hygiene and aesthetics. Today we will tell you everything you need to know to motivate you and correct smile using this revolutionary resource.

Behind the orthodontic boom in 2019

Thanks to the new information and the popularization of healthy habits in all its facets, now we understand that as adults, there are no excuses for not being able to show-off both optimal dentition and oral health. However, it can be difficult to define whether we need the help of an alignment specialist (Orthodontist) or it's a minor inconvenience.

According to the Invisalign guide published by Family Braces, adults need an orthodontics treatment when:

They present malocclusion of the teeth since this anomaly prevents adequate mastication.
They have a hard time cleaning their teeth, suffering from negative consequences like tooth decay, tooth loss, gum problems or enamel wear,
Those who feel afflicted or restrained by suffering from crowding of teeth.

Your smile in capable hands

As we suggested in previous points, the hype by transparent orthodontics Invisalign that has collected the sum of 4 million of satisfied patients worldwide, allows initially the same results as traditional orthodontics, presenting additional advantages.

Effective treatment of Invisalign is the one that has been implemented with extreme care because a bad execution (for example: going to the dentist and not an orthodontist) can have adverse consequences. 

These experts deal with at least 3 types of bite misalignment:

Type 1: Although the jaw is correctly related, the dental pieces are advanced concerning the bone from which they are born.
Type 2: The maxilla is displaced forward, with the teeth tremendously advanced for its bony base.
Type 3: The jaw has outgrown the upper jaw and causes a crossbite.

Why choosing "invisible orthodontics"?

As an adult with a busy life, you are interested in a process that does not interrupt your routine. As part of the different treatments o available today, Invisalign stands out as the"most discreet and practical" treatment. The reasons?

It is a plastic splint made to measure for the patient; it can be removed when eating and brushing your teeth.
By going to the Orthodontist Calgary, you can use 3D planning to map and anticipate the final result of your smile.
You don't have to worry about "stagnant" progress since the aligners are changed every couple of weeks.


This treatment offers some benefits that you do not get with metal braces or braces. This is especially important if you do not want to see yourself as a teenager, or if you do not want the lousy look caused by metal braces.

It does not affect your speech – Another of the advantages users have reported that, unlike metal braces, this treatment does not interfere with your modulation or speech, which makes less likely that others will realize that you are using clear aligners.

Comfortable and removable treatment – Another advantage of Invisalign is that is removable, which makes it super easy to eat, brush and even clean the teeth with dental floss.

Aligners are more comfortable than metal braces - Since a custom computer model makes them, Invisalign is much more comfortable than metal braces.


The main disadvantages of aligners compared to conventional metal brackets or brackets are the prices that at time can get quite expensive. Indeed, as a general rule, conventional clear aligner treatment can cost up to $6000. Also, many dental insurances do not cover these treatments but do include the metal braces.

Limited treatment – When you are choosing the best option between aligners or braces Calgary, something you should know is that this treatment is not for everyone. If your denture requires advanced alignment, you may need metal braces or other types of orthodontics.

Specialized knowledge – Not every orthodontist knows how to use this technology, so you will have to look beforehand for specialized clinics.

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