The most popular financial trading software

The most popular financial trading software

Jun 5, 2019, 2:20:48 PM Business

Today, many financial trading software companies provide a vast selection of programs to work in the markets. It is essential for a trader to choose the right software and not get lost in its diversity. 

Much of this trading software is in the public domain. Their main task is to provide the user with access to the market, fast execution of orders, and to automate some trading operations. Here is a quick overview of some of the most popular trading sofware options available/

Quik Trading Platform

Quik Trading Terminal is one of the most popular programs among traders. With it, you can trade on various stock exchanges. This platform was created at the end of the last century, and due to its flexibility and rich functionality, it quickly gained wide popularity.

In addition to a suitable data transfer rate, Quick boasts rich functionality. With its help, all types of orders are efficiently executed, up to the limited, market, and conditional.

The platform also includes a whole set of utilities for analyzing the state of the investment portfolio. It also provides functions for automating financial transactions. It is possible to set the conditions for the withdrawal of trade applications. Additional advantages include compatibility with most software analysts like AmiBroker and others.

Ninja Trader

In general, Nina Trader is an excellent tool for a professional trader. The following are just some of they highlight of the features available on Ninja Trader: it is possible to connect any scripts and indicators, of which there are many on the internet.


Metatrader 4/5 versions are one of the most popular trading platforms among single traders around the world. The main reason for this is  its universality. The vast majority of brokers of the two most popular trading markets - forex and binary options - work with this platform.

Besides, many brokers allow you to work with this program with a demo account. Another reason is the wide functionality and the ability to connect third-party indicators, add scripts downloaded from the Internet, etc. In addition, many trader tools are already included in the standard version of the program. For example, several types of bars and candles, Fibonacci levels, etc.

Mobile Trading

Every trader is closely associated with technology. Therefore, many software developers for trading are paying more and more attention to mobile platforms.
The ability to interact with the market using a mobile phone or tablet allows the bidder to be located anywhere and continue to work. Today, there are many applications for smartphones on iOS and Android.


ActTrader is a program on Android and iPhone which will allow you to keep track of your trading accounts and history of transactions, as well as allowing you to enter into the main types of transactions. Impressive functionality, which is almost as good as PC counterparts, is what many traders love this program for.

It's worth nothing that applications for  iPhone, iPad, and Android have some differences in functionality. For example, on iOS tablets, it is possible to work with several windows, which is not available in other versions.

Forex Signals

This application is primarily designed to work with signals. The basis for the working algorithm has become a complex mathematical model, according to which exchange rates are calculated based on the value of the dollar.

It allows the program to continually analyze the value of various currencies, generating signals to buy or sell the selected asset based on the data obtained.

Trade Interceptor Forex

This application is designed to work with Forex and CFD. Availble as either a PC version or as a mobile app, both versions of this software offer good levels of usability, with plenty of useful features. 

Among these features are all popular methods of technical analysis that you would expect, as well as a monitor of currency pair quotes and streaming charts.

RealTime Stock Tracker

This utility is designed to monitor the necessary information needed by each trader. Changes to quotes with charts, news of the financial world, and much more will all be in your pocket.

Information updates in real time are among the additional functions of the program, along with the ability to work with technical indicators that allow you to build forecasts directly on the screen of a smartphone or tablet.

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