Tips To Staying Safe During The Scorpions Seasons in Arizona

Tips To Staying Safe During The Scorpions Seasons in Arizona

May 27, 2019, 11:12:21 AM Entertainment

Semi-dry climates are the perfect habitat for scorpions, and this is why Arizona is one of the top spots to find these arthropods. Science has proven that scorpions are master survivors given that they primarily live outdoors where they are exposed to the harshest of conditions, but they always adapt. Still, they are always seeking more favorable environments to live, and that has always driven them to most houses making them a great concern for most homeowners. In many instances, they come to most homes when looking for food, shelter, or a mate and once they find a perfect spot, they will stick around for a while.

The weather is the primary determinant of what is known as the scorpion season when these creatures are most likely to be found in your home. Generally, this season starts as early as March or when the night temperatures rise above 70° as they get into the full mode for hunting and mating. At the peak seasons, they move in numbers, and it is not unusual to stumble across several of them moving around your house especially at night. Scorpions easily catch preys when outside but once they discover a bug infestation in your home which makes it easier for them to have food they will become the guests you never want.

To keep scorpions out of your home, it is recommended that the first step you take is to ensure you do not have any underlying pest infestation as they are majorly attracted by food. Scorpions are heavy hunters especially when winter is approaching and will eat as much as possible to allow them to remain in hibernation for several weeks. Therefore, if your home has lots of other insects such as spiders, crickets, and roaches, it will not be easy getting them away from your premises. 
Scorpions will also make share a roof with you if they discover how to get access to hidden and cool places where they can stay during the winter. During the cold seasons, the arthropods go on hibernation mode, and while they might be largely inactive, they also use this time to gather for nesting. If you happen to see a scorpion during the winter, this means that there is a nest nearby and that spells disaster in waiting. The best way to avoid having these problems is it essential to block all entry points that these pests might use to gain access to your house and maintain the effectiveness of the barrier.

Professional pest control specialists who have expertise in handling scorpions come as the go-to solution that will ensure you remain protected at all times. They will use their knowledge to fight any pending bug infestation that might attract scorpions besides maintaining an effective protective barrier that will kill them. Protective measures are always more efficient than having to wait until it is too late and there are scorpions inside your home. The best part is these measures not only fight scorpions but keep you safe from other prevalent pests in homes as the treatment techniques will eliminate all other insects.


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