Why Learn a Foreign Language?


Why Learn a Foreign Language?

May 30, 2019, 6:42:02 PM Opinion

While the need to learn Spanish or other languages ​​has become commonplace today, few people really wonder why learning a foreign language is a real asset to their professional and personal life. 

What are the reasons that lead us to invest so much of ourselves? What are the benefits of learning a foreign language?

Why is a foreign language so important?

Many people are monolingual. They live their little cushy life, watch their little film in English every night, go on holiday in the country where people speak English... They do not even wonder what are the benefits of speaking a foreign language.

But if you want to give a little more "spice" to your existence, give it a more international dimension. Travel, meet other people, other cultures, and you can not deny the importance of learning foreign languages. Even doing classes at Spanish School Barcelona can be one of the greatest experience in your lifetime!

We will see why learning a foreign language (or even many) is rewarding.

Reason # 1: To communicate

This is the most obvious reason why you learn another language: to be able to understand and express yourself in another language with natives. Nothing is worse than being in a country or with a group of people whose language you do not speak!

And nothing is more exciting than when you are with a group of foreigners abroad and only you understand the language. You can communicate with the natives, ask for information, etc. Everyone looks at you and looks forward to you translating what has just been said.

Learning Spanish, German or any other language is the key that opens up new horizons. And when you understand that, you understand everything.

Too often, conditioned by school methods, people see language learning as a constraint, as a necessary evil to achieve unclear goals. They do not understand why they have to learn Spanish, or why people are told that speaking several languages ​​is rewarding.

That's why learning a foreign language can seem long, difficult and tedious for some.

Whereas if you keep in mind that the purpose of learning a language is above all to communicate, to enrich yourself, it will create a real virtuous circle that will help you learn a language easily and quickly.

The more you are interested in culture, the more you will understand the way of thinking of people who practice this language, the easier your learning will be, the more you will want to learn.

So keep this advice in mind: be interested in everything that surrounds the language you are studying: food, literature, politics, education, sports, humor, and so on.

Reason # 2: To be more tolerant

Learning a foreign language also means discovering new cuisine, new social relationships, etc. You probably do not realize it, but being in touch with a new culture changes you deeply. By having a new relationship to the world, you develop an "intercultural know-how" that few people have and that you can be proud of.

To open oneself to foreign civilizations is an opportunity to look at the Other with a new and more tolerant eye, while developing a critical spirit vis-à-vis the English system, not as free from reproaches as one would like to think.

Reason # 3: To find opportunities

If you still wonder why you want to learn a foreign language, know one thing: speaking one or more languages ​​will open many doors for you, whether in your professional or personal life.

Reason # 4: To be smarter

Several scientific studies (York University in Toronto in 1999, Concordia University in Montreal in 2010, journal Neurology in 2013, etc.) sought to know for what to learn a foreign language was beneficial for the human being.

They discovered that the mental exercises of memorizing grammar and vocabulary, as well as the ability to switch from one system of sounds and writings to another, boost cognitive abilities.

According to these studies we can not be more serious, multilingualism allows:

  • develop early adaptation facilities;
  • develop a more selective focus, resulting in a better concentration;
  • improve mental health;
  • boost creativity.

Reason # 5: The world at your reach

Study in Canada, work in Japan and spend your holidays in Sydney. Learning another language is the first step to perhaps realize your dreams. Do not give yourself limits, be a world citizen!

Moreover, learning to speak several languages ​​will allow you to discover the world for yourself, like a real globetrotter. Exit mass tourism, you will have the opportunity to interact with the people and make new friends you would not have met otherwise.


Published by Christina Woodard

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