Why your home should have an RO Water Purifier

Why your home should have an RO Water Purifier

May 19, 2019, 2:22:37 PM Opinion

Lifestyle is changing at a very rapid pace and things were once considered a luxury have now become a necessity. For example, for many of us owning a car was once considered a distant dream but it has now become a necessity to a certain extent. Though such items add convenience to our lives, there are some things like a good water purifier that has become an absolute need.

Pollution and water contamination has made direct water consumption completely impossible since the water from natural sources is no longer pure. The water can contain harmful chemicals, microorganisms, other kinds of waste that can cause serious hazards to health. Hence it has become a necessity to have a good RO purifier at home so that you can keep your loved ones protected from the water-borne diseases like Cholera, Malaria, Typhoid, etc. Since the water from natural resources can be polluted, the taste and smell of the water may not be good and consuming such kind of water can damage your body & immune system.

Need of an RO Purifier

Now that you have understood the implications of having unhealthy water, it becomes important you have clean water for consumption. Boiling water can be one option to remove some of the impurities present in the water but it will not be successful in removing all the impurities. If you tend to fall sick even after having boiled water at regular intervals, it is time you switch to Ro water purifier.

Your water might be containing heavy metals can cause damage to your body and accumulation of such metals can lead to diseases like cancer, nerve damage, and early death. Even though these metals might be excreted from your body on a regular basis, the amount of time it resides in the body, it does an ample amount of damage. You cannot risk your life or the life of your family members and hence it is important that you buy Water Purifier.

Insights into RO water purification

Apart from RO water purifiers, there are other economical options like RO water filters and Gravity filters but they do not purify the water completely. Hence, it is better to opt for the best water purifier so that you can have peace of mind. RO is called Reverse Osmosis which is the core purification technology. In RO water purifier, there is a semi-permeable membrane through which the water passes and the harmful chemicals & other impurities are removed from the water. Since the pores of the semi-permeable membrane are very small, there is a negligible chance of the impurities passing through the pores.

Some RO purifiers might also modify the taste of water hence many RO purifiers come with taste enhancers so that the taste is not modified and it tastes like natural water. Advanced RO purifiers also come with UV (Ultra-Violet Filtration) which is effective in killing the harmful bacteria, viruses, and other impurities that might be present in water.

Now that you are aware of the advantages of having an RO purifier at home, the important step is to select the best suited RO purifier. There are many companies that manufacture RO water purifiers but very few of them offer the range like Livpure. They have a number of products in the RO purification category so that customers with varied budgets can purchase their products. The company also has a very good after-sales service, something which is very important for a product like water purifier.

Next time when someone offers you boiled water, it is time you educate them about RO water purifiers…


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