The Top 6 Most Memorable Moments of the Rio Olympics

The Rio Olympics have been quite eventful. As the games draw to a close, there are some special moments that will be etched in our minds for years to come.  The following list highlights some of the most memorable moments from the games. Some are humorous, others are good, and some aren’t quite as pleasant. Regardless of their category, they are noteworthy.

6. The Water is Green!

On day 5 of the Olympics, everyone woke up to the most peculiar sight at the diving pool. The pool’s pristine blue waters had somehow transformed into a green, smelly mess. It looks like Tinker Bell sprinkled some green fairy dust to initiate this overnight transformation. To date, the explanations that have been provided have left many people scratching their heads in bewilderment. At least they were able to clear the problem in time for the diving tournament.

5. Some Track and Field Athletes Should Probably Consider Swimming

This Olympics seems to be the year of diving track and field stars. Although diving at the finish line isn’t something foreign to athletics, it has been particularly prominent in these Olympic Games. Shaunae Miller from the Bahamas edged ahead of veteran athlete, Allyson Felix, in the women’s 400m final simply because of her dive at the finish line. Granted, the dive was brought on by a wave of exhaustion. But, we cannot deny the fact that it helped Miller get that well-deserved gold medal, a first for Bahamas in this event. This meme of her historic dive is priceless. 

Before you begin to think that Miller is the only track and field athlete who should consider a swimming career, Ronnie Ash attempted a similar fete during the male 110m hurdles finals. Ash was already well behind the pack, but he still made a dive as he neared the finish line. Probably he was trying his best to make it to 6th or 7th place. Probably his body just gave up from exhaustion. Nevertheless, it was something to watch.

4. Just a Gentle Reminder that the Olympics are about Camaraderie and Sportsmanship

Political tensions are high in the Eastern hemisphere. Several countries are at odds with each other for a variety of reasons. At the Olympics, however, none of this matters. The Olympics is all about sportsmanship and camaraderie. It is, therefore, no surprise that Egyptian judo athlete Islam El Shehaby was sent home after refusing to shake the hand of his Israeli opponent. It’s such a pity that he lost his chance to get a medal for something so simple. All he had to do was shake the man’s hand.

3. Fiji Got Its FIRST Ever Gold Medal

The Rio Olympics have been the stage for quite a few firsts. Fiji made their mark on the pages of history by securing their first ever gold medal in an Olympic games. They achieved this medal in the finals of the rugby tournament. The entire team beamed with pride as they took their winning pictures. Good job Fiji! The medal was well-deserved!

2. Wayde van Niekerk Broke the Men’s 400m World Record

Just when we were beginning to lose hope that anyone would be able to break Michael Johnson’s 1999 400m world record, South Africa’s Wayde van Niekerk proved us wrong. The men’s 400m finals was probably one of the best races I have seen thus far at these Olympic games. Kirani James from Grenada was the defending Olympic champion and the crowd favorite.  In the final 200m of the race, Niekerk set himself apart from the rest of the athletes and won the race with a new world record of 43.03 seconds. It took several minutes for him to recover, but his country-men were surely beaming with pride at his accomplishment.

1.Usain Bolt Cemented His Status as One of the Greatest Athletes of All Time

Fans turned out in droves to watch the highly anticipated men’s 100m finals on Sunday. The stadium was packed with people who wanted to see if Jamaica’s Usain Bolt would really be the first man ever to get a gold medal in the 100m in 3 consecutive Olympic games. Bolt didn’t disappoint.  From the back of the pack, he sped ahead to win the race in 9.81 seconds. Degrasse from Canada surprised many fans by placing third in the race. Bolt says that he isn’t done yet, however, since he plans to win the gold medal in the men’s 200m and 4 by 100 m relays. I’m looking forward to seeing the excitement unfold.

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