10 Facts

10 Facts

Here's another little "get to know me" post since this is only the end of the 2nd week I've been writing for this website.  

Ten facts you probably don't know about me:

1. I sleep with a stuffed Sully from Monsters Inc.  I love him and I don't care that I'm 30yrs old.

2. I hate stink bugs.  Ask my sister-in-law.  She stayed with me in my hotel room the night before my wedding and I heard one land so I had her inspect the entire room for them before I could fall asleep.

3. One of my favorite snacks is Whales.  They're like the cheaper generic version of Goldfish and they're delicious.

4. I can't ride a bike.  I didn't really learn without training wheels as a kid.  I tried to teach myself at age 16 and it was a failure.

5. The farthest west I've been in the US is Michigan.

6. I usually fall asleep on my left side, occasionally on my stomach.  I find it very difficult to fall asleep on my back.

7. I had glasses in Kindergarten and got contacts the summer before 6th grade.  I have really terrible eyesight.  Thanks parents :)

8. I was a National 2-Baton winner at the age of 15.  I started baton twirling at the age of 5 and retired when I was 22.

9. I usually don't wear makeup.  I sometimes wear it on weekends.  But today I bought some new ELF products because they were recommended via a YouTube video I watched last night.  I'm excited to try them!

10. I have a very aggressive internal drive when it comes to my career.  I've always been a really hard working model employee.  I always have things 100% together and as perfect as I can get at work, but at home I'm completely different and tend to be indecisive.


Hope that gave you a little insight into who I am!  If you'd like to see more from me, visit my blog at: http://www.mightymurphinfashionranger.wordpress.com or visit my Facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/Mightymurphinfashionranger

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