Boutique Review

Boutique Review

If you live in the Central PA area, I insist you take a trip to the Knock Knock Boutique in Hershey, PA.  I had driven by this place many times since I have worked in Hershey for the past three years but I didn't go inside it until a few months ago.  It literally blew my mind.  It's a small space but every inch is covered with jewelry, scarves, and purses.  As someone who loves jewelry and sparkly things, I am obsessed with this store.  

Every time I go into the store, I have a routine.  I walk through the store once first without picking anything up to buy.  I feel like since there is so much to look at, I need to just see what all my options are before I actually decide what to buy.  Then I do my second lap around the store and pick out the things I'd like to purchase.  Sometimes I have to talk myself out of things because if I didn't, I would buy half the store.  Then I may visit some spots of the store a third time just to make sure I've made the right decision on what I want.  

The woman who owns the store and very helpful and super sweet.  She quit her teaching job to start her own boutique.  She followed her dream with no guarantee of how it would end up and I really admire that.  If you'd like to check out her website, click here: but I definitely recommend, if you're in the area, checking it out in person since the options on the website are limited.

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