Bring Back Orbitz!

Bring Back Orbitz!

Aug 28, 2016, 4:15:07 AM Life and Styles

If you were alive in the 90s, you may be familiar with this drink.  It was called Orbitz.  It was pitched as a futuristic beverage because of the suspended gelatin-like balls.  As a kid, this was honestly my favorite drink.  I have a clear memory of going to a grocery store after dance class and my mom buying one of these for me.  

As an adult, I would occasionally google it to see if anyone was planning on reviving it.  The company that made this drink also made a flavored water called Clearly Canadian.  About three years ago, I discovered the company was taking orders for Clearly Canadian, which was also previously discontinued.  Since I found out they were re-creating Clearly Canadian, I had to know if Orbitz was a possibility!  I sent a Facebook message to the company asking if they were planning on bringing back Orbitz.  They said that right now their focus is Clearly Candian but they were looking into bringing back Orbitz, if they could get enough pre-sales, maybe in 2016.

Well it's 2016 and it hasn't happened yet.  I am still waiting.  But I'm not the only one!  I found a petition online that people were signing to try to get them to bring it back, granted it's from 2009 but hopefully someone is still paying attention to it.  If you agree and would like it to be on shelves again, even if only temporarily, click here:

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