Pro Pokemon Go

Pro Pokemon Go

Having grown up watching Pokemon on TV, I was pretty excited to download Pokemon Go when it came out.  Since then, there have been all sorts of negative publicity for this app.  I would like to set the record straight for those of you who either not super interested in getting the app or are curious about what you've heard in the news.

1. Players of the Pokemon Go app have been in car accidents/have been hit by cars

Literally someone said to me this weekend "you play that?!  be careful, it's very dangerous."  To this I say, it's only dangerous if you don't use common sense.  For those people who got into an accident trying to catch a Pikachu in the middle of the road- I get it, Pikachu is probably one of the characters we would all love to catch.  HOWEVER you're driving a car.  Plus the app lets you catch Pokemon in a small radius.  You could have pulled over somewhere safe, parked, and then tried to catch it.  It was before the app update and therefore, it shouldn't have run away.  For the girl who got hit by a car trying to cross a highway to catch Pokemon- I kind of wish you would have gotten more injured.  Yes, I'm sure some of you are thinking "wow, that's harsh."  Well guess what?  Maybe if she would have gotten seriously injured, she would think before doing something stupid like that again.  I have no patience for people who cannot take responsibility for their actions.  We are raising a generation who thinks they can sue a company for their individual bad decisions and this is why the world is in such disarray.  We need to think before we act, and if we choose badly, we need to take responsibility for those bad choices.  

2. Talking about Pokemon is actually using slang for drug use

 I wish I could find the original article so I could re-read it and be more thorough.  I saw it being shared on Facebook as a warning to parents that if their children are talking about Pokemon to watch out because they're really talking about drugs.  I'm not sure what genius wrote that article but it seemed to be written as a joke and older folks were taking it seriously.  First of all, Pokemon Go is huge right now and I think it's safe to assume kids are talking about the app.  Secondly, open talk to your children about the consequences and side effects of drug use.  

3. People who play Pokemon Go don't have jobs

I really don't know where this one came from but that's simply not true.  All of the people I know who play Pokemon Go are either teenagers in school who can't legally have jobs yet or adults who are employed full time.  Yes, we love to walk around on our lunches or breaks and see what we can find around our place of employment.  And even if someone was unemployed and started playing the game, maybe it would bring them happiness in a stressful time in their life.  


Now my Pros of playing Pokemon Go

1. It's getting people to be active

The first day I had the app, I walked 3.5 miles.  I probably walk about a mile a day on a normal day.  So the fact that it is making fitness fun and more entertaining is a HUGE plus

2. It's bringing people together

There are college campuses having Pokemon Go Events where they set off lures and get players to come out and interact with each other.  I'm normally an introverted person and don't say hi to people I don't know.  The first week I had the app, I was walking around my work after my shift and two people came up to me asking if I knew where the area PokeStops were.  Of course, I had just passed those, so I explained to them where they are and they were so excited!  

3. It's bringing Pokemon to a new generation

My niece is 6yrs old and she is obsessed with the app.  Granted, her father did start her watching Pokemon on Netflix, but I think it's making Pokemon cool when it previously may have been looked as nerdy.

4. Pokemon fashion is available again

I saw a Pikachu hoodie and freaked out.  I told my husband I needed it for Christmas.  There's a lot of Pokemon merchandise out now because of this app and I could not be more excited!


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