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What ever happened to the bold, strong-willed, dedicated, inspiring people that would go around with dreams so big that it'd be impossible to sleep at night due to its profoundness? Where did all of those individuals go that, just by sharing their hopes and dreams for their futures, would cause the ones in others to arise? I don’t know about you but I strongly believe that they are still out there in the world walking around with a light within themselves that’s ready to burst out as creativity.


Lately, God has been showing me the potential that we, as His people, carry. As I go through life, I begin to notice the beast that we all carry within us that’s currently in hibernation. Inside all of us, there is this monster who's able to fight through the hardest of struggles and the fiercest of battles yet all we do is turn our face away from it and shove it deeper and deeper into an abyss of lost potential. This. Ends. Here.


“I have a dream. That one day-” Oh wait, wrong era! Well, I too have a dream. Although it won't be one that will end segregation, it’ll still cause just as big of an impact if carried out correctly. My hope with sharing this dream with you is that it inspires you to have some time of self reflection. And as you reflect, I pray that God opens your eyes to see the dreams within yourself that this world has distracted you from making a reality. But not just any dream, I’m talking about IMPOSSIBLE dreams, the kind that cannot be done alone, the kind that force you to gather a group and ask God how to make this transition from an internal concept to an external reality. The kind of dream that will change the world!


I’ve always had a desire to use my life as a means of helping others. I know, I know. It sounds like such a broad statement but, if you give me some time, then I'll get to the heart of my own dream. One day, in the near future, my desire is to somehow open up a center for youth and young adults. Its purpose would be to help individuals who are living in the streets homeless, addicted to drugs or alcohol, disregarded by society, gang members wanting a new life. Those without hope or anywhere to turn to. The goal to provide them with hope. As I drive down the streets of Orlando, I notice that there are a lot of youth and young adults living in the streets hopeless with nowhere to turn to or anybody to show them love. Thru this center, my desire is to provide a home for these people to come in (sort of like a rehab center) and stay for a period of time where they can go through a process of change and learn to let go of the past in hopes of a brighter tomorrow. As they enter, they would go through a cleansing process to let go of old habits and learn about who they are and what they were created for.


With that, they would get the opportunity to receive an education and learn about a life away from the streets where they can switch their perspective from seeing people as evil, or as if everyone is after them, to one where they can seek help from others before even getting to know them. A life of servitude based on love.


Once they go through this period of education and serving the community while living at the facility, learning how to cope and work effectively with others, I desire to help these individuals find a career and a place to live. Once they finish graduating from both their school and life courses, they will have a set amount of time to find employment and a place to live with the help of the center’s staff. All this would be done with the hope of providing a better future for those young adults living without hope in this world. It might not be world changing at a global scale but as I help each person one by one, it changes their world.


I really hope that I was able to fully communicate my dream in the best way fathomable. I know that, as it begins to stir up within me, it’ll flow. The most difficult part of it all is summarizing it in as little words as possible. And please, don’t think that your dreams are too small. If you think it’s achievable, then it isn't big enough. We serve a God who created creativity. Let Him inspire you to dream big because, with Him, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. Remember, the big dreamers are still out there. They're just having a hard time making their dreams come to life. That is why we need each other. Together, we can change the world.


My question to you is: what is your dream? (Please share it down below. I strongly believe that, as we share them with others, we can inspire each other to keep on dreaming.)


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Published by Christopher Quiñones

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