Can WE The People Reclaim America?

I had a really interesting conversation over Easter Dinner this weekend. It was about why my Mom supports Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders. It's not that she doesn't like Bernie or his stand on making America fair again, it's just that she feels Hillary has a better shot at being a successful president. Before you shoot daggers at me or her, let me explain.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of Hillary and I won't vote for her even if she gets in a head to head with Trump in November. It's just that my Mom had a very interesting point- it's not Bernie she doesn't trust, it's his supporters. 

As she said, "it's not that I don't trust Bernie, but I have a tough time believing he can do all he is trying to do because while there are 50,000 people in the stands at his rallies, where will those people be when it comes time to actually do something like vote or protest?" And you know what, she is right. The Revolution is gonna take all hands to get done. Given the state of Apathy in this country and the couch potato Facebook fanatics, I'm not sure I have faith in the People when it comes time for the rubber to meet the road once we get past November. 

History is on my side and so are the voting numbers this election season. 

Iowa, South Carolina, North Carolina, they all fell short on votes for Bernie. Oh sure, thousands showed up at the Rallies, but when it came time to pull the lever, where did everybody go? 

Can you imagine if when Paul Revere rode his steed through the streets of Boston to warn of the British, no one showed up? Sure everyone in Beantown was up in arms about the taxes and the lack of being heard by King George, but can you imagine if that happened today? People would have twittered and facebooked until the cows came home, but would cries  of"The British are coming!" get people to actually turn off their TV and go to the fight? No way, we would all sit back and let old Paul do the fighting and criticize him from the safety of our cell phones. 

That's who America is these days, passive sideliners and back seat drivers. We don't get in the dirt anymore, we sit back to let others do it for us and then criticize them for how they do it while we stuff quarterpounders down our fat little throats. 

If The Political Reclamation of the United States of America is going to happen, we need a few less sheep and few more soldiers. 

I have no doubt that Bernie is going to win the Election. As far as I am concerned, between birds and compassion, he is as close to the Messiah as we can muster in this modern age. But what happens when it's time to get to work and do all he is telling us needs to be done? Will we rise to the challenge and vote out the No Nothing Congress and the Election Rigging Pundits? Or will we shrink back into the woodwork like we did when Obama sold us on Hope and Change? 

Millions showed up to elect Obama, but once they voted, they hung him out to dry and all but threw him under the bus with the Republicans. And now we blame him because he couldn't make a substantial change to the system? What will happen when Bernie flips the system on its ear and the Republican obstructionists, now foaming at the mouth thanks to Trump, decide to shut the Government down? What do we do then, have Civil War 2.0? 

At least with Hillary, we know the status quo will be maintained and the Rich will continue to run the system they have bought and paid for. But a Bernie presidency will take things from simmer to burn if the people don't get up and do something. The 1% will drive Bernie into the ground if we don't support him, and a thousand more like him, a lot more enthusiastically than we have so far. 

I get it, we have lives we have to live, kids to feed and mortgages to pay. We can't become revolutionaries and put that all at risk. But when the last vote is counted and Bernie takes the stage as President-Elect Sanders, we can't fade away and forget what we are sending him to Washington to do. And we can't NOT show up to vote in a New Congress and new State Governments across the board.

WE have to clean house of every establishment politician, from the Tea Party Congress to the Not Ready for Prime Time State Legislators all the way down to the County Clerks and the Municipal dog catcher- they all have to go, because they all have a hand in this rigged economy. We have to throw out the corporate media and restart the Fourth Branch of Government with honest journalists  who are free of a corporate leash. We have to sanitize Wall Street and circumcise the financial industry. We need to reform the Unions and Demilitarize the Police. And we have to give the American Education and Healthcare System a full blown lobotomy. It's all gotta happen and it's gotta happen in a matter of months after he takes office or else its never gonna happen. Even if he could walk on water, Bernie can't do it all by himself. WE have to do it with him! I'm just not sure if America,or indeed the World, has the stomach for it anymore? 

But we did at one time. WE fought back the Nazis and WE reformed Industry. WE won the vote for women and gave Black America some civil rights. WE the People of America have done some amazing things which have changed the face of History. Can WE do it again by Reclaiming America for WE The People? Will "it's not me, its US" be more than a catchphrase on a placard and really take root in the American lexicon? Can we get our Mojo as a People back? 

 I'm going to borrow a line from Obama here and shout with a defiant voice, "Yes we can!"





Published by Christopher Richard

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