Don't ask why they don't feel the Bern, they don't even know what your asking

Don't ask why they don't feel the Bern, they don't even know what your asking

Feb 23, 2016, 11:59:10 PM News

You know why the media isn't grabbing on to the Bern? Do you want to know why the Hillary machine isn't running out of steam? Do you really want to know why elected officials from across the country don't see value in the Revolution of the People? Because they aren't us. 

What I mean is can you point to a single pundit, congressman, or (I hate to say it) Hillary Sheople who knows what it's like to worry about where their next paycheck is coming from? Do they ever have to worry about what happens when their loved one gets sick or worse yet they get sick? Do they ever have to worry about where they will live now that the bank has taken their home? Of course not. They have secure income, health care and an expectation that their world will always be the same. 

They don't know what its like to have to pack up your family home with your kids, your parents, your dogs and cats and have to move to a new place or worse, a shelter. They don't know what its like to watch your father laying in bed hacking for breath when lung cancer ravages his body because he could not afford to get the medical care he so desperately needed. They don't know what its like to make a pound of burger feed two kids in your early years only to have the same trouble stretching an inadequate social security check that won't even buy that burger now that you're a senior. And they don't know the pain and worry of searching for that elusive job that even if you get offered it, you know it won't be enough to buy food AND keep the lights on. 

It's a sad fact America, but that is what a rigged economy looks like and that is the reality for far too many people in this Country. I'm saying this not as a paid journalist, but as a person who has had all those things in my gifted life, so I can only imagine how hard it is for the ones who haven't received the blessings of a college education, or a life walked in a lighter shade of skin color. It is unfair at its source and those who haven't had the chance at scraping an existence together or have accepted the handouts as a way of living, they can't feel the Bern because their seat is not hot enough yet. 

But for those Americans in the hot seat and who feel the pain of a rigged economy, they get it. Better still, many of the Bernie Endorsers may not be in the hot seat right now, but they were at one time and know the pain of living a life that is unliveable. I don't think at the time of his death Martin Luther King Jr. was hurting to feed his kids, but I do know he spent many a night up worrying about his own welfare as a kid, and it doubled when he took on the role of a Fisher of Men. So maybe that's why Bernie gets it too, because he was there then, and he has been working for those in the hurt for 50 years. 

The thing that always put me off about Hillary and Bill was not what they said, but how they said it. I remember watching Bill saunter into some rally filled with minority faces and he kissed and hugged every baby, shook every hand and said what everyone wanted to hear. And then he would walk out, get in a car that cost more than my house and drove to a home that could pay for a thousand more seats at a low-income school or the dental care of an entire neighborhood in the projects. His charity always stopped at his front walk, but his speeches always seemed to talk down to the rest of us about how we could do better. And Hillary has carried this on as well, for all 30 years, she's been haunting the political stage. She boo-who-hooed with the whos in Flintville all the while making sure her fridge had plenty of roast beast while the kids of Flint couldn't drink the water and no one could figure out how to get a water truck parked on every street corner. Are you telling me, Hillary couldn't pull a few strings and get a fleet of Army Corp water trucks moved into Flint six months ago or turn one of her Goldman Sachs checks over to Nestle for a years worth of bottled water for Flint? 

Exactly- all talk, no real action. That's what a Democrat does, That's what a Republican does. That's pretty much what a Bureaucrat does too. But that's not what Bernie does and that's not what the American who is struggling to buy groceries does either. Charity begins at home, true enough, but as anyone who knows what America is really all about, it ends wherever that last hungry kid sits or that last Unemployed Mother stands. And anyone who passes by the Bell Ringers Basket claiming poverty while wearing a Rolex and driving a Beemer is nothing but a liar. I've seen homeless people buy a slice for a stranger, I've seen a 10-year-old empty his bank account for a good cause, and I have seen a broke single mother of two, buy candy she could not afford for kids who didnt need it, all because the disabled man selling the candy needed to make a dollar that day to do his job and go home happy. 

That is what America does. They dont broadcast it, and they dont ask for a tax deduction, they just do it, because its the right thing to do. And you cant tell me, Hillary with all her praises of the Angels knows what its like to starve, knows what it's like to watch her kids go without or what its like to need a job so badly it hurts, and you just cant find one because Corporate America sold you out for NAFTA. 

I dont want to indict all those who made it, good for you. I am happy you are successful and your home is whole. But dont stand there and tell me I am wrong for supporting Bernie Sanders when you have no idea what he is really talkling about and no idea why we need it so badly, as you have never been homeless or hungry or on the dark side of the American Dream. And please dont tell me he doesn't have a chance to win or that Hillary's Uterus is the rightful owner of the next election when you dont have a dog in that fight and have no idea how hard it is to pledge to a Flag that represents only the few while your kids went to bed hungry last night. 



Published by Christopher Richard

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