In the wake of South Carolina, maybe its not a Revolution we need, its evolution.

In the wake of South Carolina, maybe its not a Revolution we need, its evolution.

Feb 28, 2016, 2:01:52 PM News

I have to admit it. Last night seeing the primary called in South Carolina about 4 seconds after the polls closed was a morale killer. I guess we all knew Hillary would win South Carolina and we knew why she would win it. I have been railing about this for weeks now. In the Youth of A Nation, I made it clear there was a generational divide in this country. In my article,  The lost voices of Black America: The true authors of a Revolution silencedit occurred to me that the Young Black minds are not being molded by the senior leadership of the African American Caucus because for too many years they have been jailed, beaten, and murdered into submission. And in  I'm an Episcopalian, Not a Socialist it was clear to me where the side of the Angels could be found. But ultimately, the senior black vote, the baby boomer generation, and the Social Security Class are the most active at elections and the reason they are most active at the polls, is the same reason they are blind followers of the establishment, they know where their bread is buttered. 

Its the same reason why churches are filled with old people at 8 AM on Sundays, it suits their needs. Elections are the chance for Old people, black or white to have their say at how their taxes will be spent, how big their socials security checks will be and who will keep the gravy train coming to their house in the next go round. I don't call them entitlements or welfare cause in a lot of ways the old people earned it over the years, but a whole bunch of the Hillary Sheeple didn't earn a bit of it but were raised knowing she fills the trough with Government-subsidized housing, food stamps, and yes she and the Democrats have held the reigns on social security for a very long time. And those Elders and the Sheeple will never put their interests in a Fair America ahead of their own financial needs, they are children of the 80's after all remember? It's all about me. 

Some of the cooler heads who feel the Bern say that Bernie's Battle of Bull Run will be in the Midwest. Super Tuesday will turn the tides in our favor and momentum will shift away from the Establishment. My own thoughts are it will happen once Hillary releases her speeches.  As I said, she will have her come to Jesus moment because I see her doing the same stuff Bill did with Lewinsky and his impeachment, which no one seems to remember or care about. But you know the BBB (Black Baby Boomers) didn't care about it in 1994 either so I'm not really surprised they don't care now. Morals were never a strong suit for the Baby Boomers. Will the Revolution find new life? 

There is a massive crowd of dissatisfied voters showing up for Trump, who given the choice between Hillary and Bernie will pick Bernie I think every day of the week and twice on Sunday. Anyone but Hillary! That is... the ones who aren't trying to start an armed revolt in the woods of the Great North West. There are ground gains that can be made if we can tap into them and The Donald implodes due to tax fraud. But the truth is I think he is right, he could barbecue a baby seal on the podium and eat out its eyes and people would cheer him and follow him like lemmings into the briny depths. He knows that, and he's right. Scary but right. 

So we have met the antithesis of the Revolution and it is us. Our Grandparents, our neighbors and our eccentric Uncle who collects guns and listens to Rush Limbaugh. They are all us after all, even if we don't acknowledge them but once a year at Thanksgiving. As long as the subsidies flow the Democrats will keep the Sheeple in herd formation and as long as The Donald can tap into our evil Saturday night predilections, he will get a pass on everything up to genocide and beyond. How do we beat that as a cause? 

The Media is clearly in the pocket of the Democrats, but really is that the cause of Bernie strife? Millenials and Young Professionals don't watch TV anymore and certainly are not plugged into CNN or MSNBC. If it doesn't happen in the Twitterverse, did it really happen? 

I think we need to take a step back and think about what we are asking here. We want to change the Country and everything that our parents hold dear. Did you think they would just sit back and let the Berners run the table because they loved and cared about us? Of course not. They may love us as kids, but not as much as they love their social security check. 

Europe did this a while back. You know the whole health care thing, free education, and responsible government thing. It cost them strikes, fights and blood and the result were WWII. Is this what it felt like in 1931 Norway or Denmark? Are we on the eve of another Great War? Will the landscape look different than it did the last time one marched across the earth bulldozing the ancient world?

This is the new world, though. We missed a lot of the 1930's lessons that bore out Universal Health Care in Europe.  Maybe we need to go back to school as a country and mature as a people the way the old world did. America is only 300 hundred years old. Europe is five times older than that. Maybe that is how the Evolution, not revolution needs to happen.






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