Obamacare and the New Electorate: Everyone knows about the 18 Million, but what do the 18 Million think about it?

Obamacare and the New Electorate: Everyone knows about the 18 Million, but what do the 18 Million think about it?

Any third party observer to the American political process this year would have you think that we are some third world nation set on self-destruction. The “short fingered” insults, sexual innuendo, and outright falsehoods bandied about the electoral trail has been colored by the rancor, violence, and anger in the populous. These characteristics give most political events these days the feel of a prize fight.


However, for the last month, we have been hearing about one topic lobbed from side to side by each of the candidates in the same manner as North Korea tosses threats of nuclear war on the international table: Obama Care a.k.a The Affordable Care Act.


The subject of Obama Care is tossed out at debates and on stumps as if the mere mention of it is supposed to either make you genuflect with reverence for the first black president, or get your guns and climb into your fallout shelter. There seems to be no middle ground on this issue and from what we can tell, most love the idea of Obamacare but hate the implementation of it.


The crew at MyTrendingStories.com have decided that we want to know the reality behind the implementation of Obama care. With passions running so high on this topic, and very few unbiased accounts of what it's really doing to Main Street America, we thought we would use our Global Force of writers to discuss with the “18 Million” real people affected by it. The people who live in our homes, on our streets and work with us at our jobs.You know, the jobs that we keep to pay our bills because unlike the Major Media outlets, we at MTS don't have corporate moguls telling us what to say with a paycheck.


MyTrendingStories.com is a website that values freedom of speech and of expression. Given the questionable motives of the print, TV, and Internet-based media,(that are so evident these days), we, the writers thought: who better to take a look at the real story behind America’s experience with Obamacare than the very people who are living with it?


Today, we are kicking off a three-week series of the stories on Obama Care. Some people may love it, some people may hate it with all their being, but if we are expected to make a choice on whether to extend it, kill it or turn it into a single payer system, we need to be informed.


Maybe then, the corporate media, the impotent congress, and the wild-eyed Establishment will actually understand why more than half of America is willing to put a Fascist or a Socialist in the White House and Obama care is the Frankenstein Monster that is causing us to do it.


Our first real life experience comes from Robert. His girlfriend had some serious job issues and apparently that is not a “significant life changing event” by the law standard.



He says, “My experiences with Obamacare have been horrible. My girlfriend lost her job in October of 2014, and ...tried to file for her to get insurance under "The Affordable Care Act" a.k.a "Obama care" but (was) turned down. When we asked why she was turned down they replied that "The only way to get insurance after the deadline of February 15th is for the person applying to have experienced a significant life-changing event." How can they possibly look someone straight in the face and say that losing one's job is "not a significant life changing event" What kind of ridiculous statement is that? As far as I am concerned there is nothing more significantly life changing than losing one's job!”


Mara was told that Americans making less than $45,960 individually or $94,200 as a family may be eligible for tax credits. Her experience was somewhat different.


“ In my experience this is not true, I recorded $36,000 income for the first year of Obama care (this rule was still applied) and I received no tax benefits towards my health insurance or my returns, they told me over the phone that I had to qualify for the national poverty level, which is under $11,900 per year


I strongly believe in healing the body naturally. Opting for natural remedies have proven to have significant benefits. However, Obama care only covers western medicine a.k.a big pharmaceutical companies. The problem with that is, chemicals do more harm than good. The mantra “a patient cured is a customer lost” seems to be meditated everyday by greedy pharmaceutical CEO’s.


Personally, I completely got rid of a terrible, debilitating auto-immune disease through diet and eastern medicine practices. However, this was only after spending $30,000 on western medicine to give me pills and never properly diagnose the issue. Oh, and did I mention that chiropractic and acupuncture care are not allowed in the health care plans?


In the event that I would have to go to a doctor, I researched all the ACA approved doctors on the list that was given to me (by who?). All of them, (yes, every single one) had terrible, terrible reviews. When I wanted to go consult a doctor outside of the plan, I was told I would have to pay for them out of my pocket. So, I guess only the shitty healthcare is free, you have to pay in full for the best healthcare."



Roberta from New Bern, NC works with the underserved at her job. The people who needed Obama care the most could not afford the system in North Carolina and are now being taxed on top of having no insurance.



“It's unfair. I know hundreds of people who could not afford to buy into the healthcare marketplace. And now instead of getting insurance they are forced to pay fees because they could not afford insurance. How can someone be expected to pay fees to the Government if they could not afford the premium for health insurance? As far as I am concerned the whole thing is a trap and serves no one but the insurance companies”


Chris from Ashford, CT was one of the 18 Million. A distinction without a difference.


“I was told I had to buy insurance and so I did. It costs me $100 a month and it's the first insurance I have had since I was a kid. It's true that I got to buy insurance, but that insurance is unusable because I can only go to a doctor in Connecticut. I am a mariner who travels all over the place, but if I get hurt I have to go to a doctor 12 hours away from me or else I am not covered. I don't get check ups with my plan, can’t get the eyeglasses I need to see and have no way to cover the deductible if I get into real trouble.

This past year my email has been blowing up with messages from the Healthcare.gov that I am at risk for being charged a penalty because they know I live in another state now, but don't know that I still have my plan in Connecticut. I got a love letter from the IRS telling me I needed to file an amended return for 2014 because they think I never bought in 2014 and owed a penalty. The system serves the insurance companies by creating a whole bunch of monopolies at the State level where you are forced to buy their product or risk the heavy hand of the Fed coming down on you at tax time."


Readers, we want to hear your thoughts on the subject. Make sure you write us at Manager@https://assets.assets.mytrendingstories.com/ and we will do our best to share your voice with the world. What was your experience with Obama care? MTS will not change your message and will do our absolute best to tell your story the way the news media is supposed to: with open ears, and unbiased perspective. We hope to hear from you soon!



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Mar 11, 2016, 5:59:58 PM

I was absolutely shocked to find out this year that there is only a 3 month window to sign up for obamacare and that if i didn't sign up in that window i have NO way of getting insured by obamacare and then i have to pay a tax penalty of $100 a month because i am uninsured. i got married in august and so i no longer qualified for the obamacare i was on and so lost it.

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