Paid Speeches are Hillary's version of Lewinski

Paid Speeches are Hillary's version of Lewinski

Feb 25, 2016, 3:53:47 PM News

The other night when Hillary was called out for her stalling on releasing the paid speeches she had a couple options. She could have said, they are not very flattering to the point I am making right now, but I will at my first chance. She could have said, I don't really want to, so stuff it- that's what The Donald has done with his tax returns. Or she could have done what so many other politicians have done answered "No comment". 

But what she should have done is the same thing her Husband should have done 25 years ago, fessed up to it, let the world see their dirt and get on with it. That's what she should have done but for some reason, when people look in the Clintonian closets, the Clintons have no other reaction but to start to prevaricate the hell out of a story until it turns into a full-fledged impeachment trial. 

Yes I went there sorry Hillary, but you took a page out of the Bill playbook on this one, and that is why America didn't like him, and now they are beginning to not like you very much either- Oh except for the Clinton Cronies who stood by 25 years ago and said "What dress, I don't see a dress?"

For those of you Millennials who weren't alive at the time, Bill Clinton did dirty stuff with a white house Intern named Monica Lewinski back in the day. The intern in her classy little way saved the stained dress and gave it to a republican investigator named Ken Starr and he launched a HUGE investigation into the Presidential Penis. And it was in that investigation that Bill Clinton made us look like assholes when he lied to the world saying with his Good Ole Boy Charm, right into the camera with his bent pointed finger,"Iaah did naught have sexual relations with that woooman" (emphasis added to communicate what it sounded like- google it, you'll see Im right.)

And when he said that the Republicans had seizures with their excitement saying "We got him now" Oh they couldn't touch him for the stained dress, the crude behavior or the fact that that redneck dirtbag couldn't keep it in pants for a lousy four years, What they got him on was his lie. He lied to a congressional investigator and that is illegal. 

As so it was, when I heard the words come out of her mouth about releasing speeches when the Republicans did as well, I thought to myself, Holy Shit, we can travel in time. 

 Shortly after that, a clip was played where she was mocked by Steven Colbert  saying "When somebody asks you if you will lie to them, "Just say No." Brilliantly simple, but so difficult for a Clinton to do apparently. The moment was awkward, to say the least, and she eventually relented by shouting with the wide-eyed, not quite angry, but not quite in control either excited Hillary voice "NO!!!"

And it was then that I said to myself, you know what this is, you have heard this before, and deep from the echos of the past, I heard the immortal question call out from the ages, "Can you tell me what the word is is?" And I started to get a headache just like I did in the late 90's. 

Bill Clinton was a good guy for all intents and purposes even if he shall we say was morally questionable when it came to his sexual predilections. America didn't care what he did in the bedroom and that's where we got from. You didn't think that was a reference to progress did you? No, it was an organization all about forgetting that Bill Clinton is a letch by "moving on" to another subject. It was also that time that gave us Rush Limbaugh. So there are lots of reminders around of the Impeachment of Bill Clinton and the 22-year-old intern who fellated the  President in the oval office. But if anyone remembers accurately, no one cared that he got his rocks off with a coed in the oval office, they just cared that he lied about it. 

Fast forward to Benghazi,  Emailgate and now the  Goldman Sachs Speeches. Did Hillary do anything wrong? I doubt it. Is it unflattering, you know it. But should she come clean about it, absolutely. 

But for some reason, she is sticking to the Clinton playbook and playing us all like we are stupid. Don't fucking dance with me Hillary. Tell me the truth and I will listen, make my own mind up and your right I probably won't care, but give me the respect I deserve as an American by leveling with me. 

This dance with the emails, the Benghazi two-step, you had my sympathies then, But when a member of the audience at one of your debates asks you to release your speeches and you go on live TV and try to spin it into some kind of Republican conspiracy, I cry shenanigans and  you not only lose my vote, you lost my respect. There is no double standard and this isn't because you have a Uterus that he asked you. The voter asked you as a Democratic voter and it was a fair question. 

YOU claimed no bias to wall street. The Republicans freely admit their tie to wall street. So we can pretty much guess what their speeches will say. And Bernie, he has never offered a paid speech to wall street and I believe him, so we know what his speeches will say. But you are the only one who claims to fight for the people, and also has a skeleton in the closet with your paid speeches, so there is no double standard. Its just you.

If there was a somewhat intelligent or otherwise unbiased journalist out there, someone else would have called you on this before now. Certainly Chris Cuomo got sucked in by you this week, but then again so did I. I had a tough time knowing why I felt dirty after that exchange the other night. But when The Echoes of Bill rang in my Mind last night, I knew what I felt was wrong and it was. And damn it, you played me and America again. This is exactly how a sexual predator like your Husband gets his prey, a warm smile, a quiet word and then before you know it you find his hands down your pants and you wonder what YOU did to allow this to happen. You did that with the American People just as your Husband did it with us 25 years ago. And it sucks. Shame on you. 

But you know what maybe you're right, maybe they are treating you a little rougher than they treated your husband and that's not fair. He should have been tattooed with a scarlet letter while you just need your nose to grow every time you open your mouth. That is until the FBI finishes their investigation and maybe then you'll get stripes to go with your nose. But maybe too they are treating you extra rough because you are the enabler that allowed that son of a bitch to be a predator and now you are using the same tactics he used on Monica to get your way back in the white house. What will you do as President to outshine your Husbands indiscretions I wonder? 








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