The Simple way to Win: Bernie's Brigade.

The Simple way to Win: Bernie's Brigade.

Apr 26, 2016, 12:58:19 PM News

I know how to change America. There is none of this incrementalism, none of this "write a letter to your senator", none of this pig pile on Wall Street with bullhorns and placards. That won't do it. It's much, much simpler than that and will have a 100 % effective rate in changing health care, fixing our broken campaign finance system, and fix every other ill that is causing our rich to get richer, and poor to get poorer. 


Bernie, Robert Reich and Killer Mike all have the right idea. They just haven't explained how to make that idea a reality and I know how to do it. Want to hear me explain? Here goes:




Oh, I know MTV has been plugging that idea with "Rock the Vote" for decades now and there is always that Old Woman or Man who wears their "I Voted Today" sticker who says "The thing that's wrong with America is we don't vote". We have, but it's not worked so far and that's not the vote I am talking about anyway.


It's not enough to just say "vote" in this tone deaf zeitgeist we live in today that will fix all the problems that afflict us all. The truth is we HAVE voted for years, albeit in a very limp way. We have voted lots. WE voted the first black man into the presidency, kind of and it changed America, or so we thought. But the problem is it didn't work. 


We are still getting poorer as a people. We are still living in a broken economy that serves the few at the expense of the many. And we are still victims of a political system that is of the elite and not the many. Voting for a president doesn't fix America any more than praying for peace stops war. The only way to stop a war is to stop the warriors and the only way to fix a corrupt America is to fire the corruptors, namely, CONGRESS. 


You can vote every four years for one candidate or another and nothing will change. Because while the President is the most powerful office in the world, it is not what will change our lives as Americans. The President lacks the purse, by design, and so, therefore, the President lacks the ability to change the financial policy, the spending, the guts of how a law becomes a law. The President can't do it by Constitutional mandate, so why have we deluded ourselves into thinking the President can change America? He or She Cant. 


But what HE or SHE can do- is lead. They are the leaders of the free world and they can lead a revolution, or lead to the demise of America. They can do so by merely using the one gift bestowed upon them by our founding fathers, their voice. But they have to say the right things.


Oh If I have to hear one more of Hillary's plans, I think I will puke- they won't work, because they never worked and she is saying nothing new and only placating the sheep. She can't fix it any more than Trump can. None of them can do what they want to do without one major partner playing along- Congress. 


We have to change Congress if we are to see any real change in this America, whoever is in the White House, and there is one person who can motivate the people to do their job by putting a progressive Congress in office. The President, namely, Bernie. 


Here is how it will work. 


On Monday morning at 9 AM, Bernie puts out a press release calling for America to nominate a list of local people to run for Congress. From all 50 states, territories, possessions and what not. The people use Facebook to suggest people who should run for Congress. In exchange for the People submitting these names to Bernie, he agrees to fund or raise funds to fund, a candidate to run for each and every open seat this year, next year and the next year and two years after that. The Sanders campaign then takes that list of Millions and begins to vet those people and narrow it down to 435 people who think like Bernie, speak like Bernie and adheres to the ideas that Bernie has professed. 


Are there not 435 people in this Country who couldn't do a better job than the people we have in there now? And I'm just talking about the House, not the Senate. 


I'd love to put this job in the hands of the Parties, but it's pretty clear they can't hold a real debate or nominate a real candidate, let alone elect a decent human. So let's put this in the hands of the one man who has proven he is a real human, with a heart and soul- Bernie Sanders. 


And so, Bernie names 435 eligible candidates to run for the House and he agrees to use the Bernie Revolution to fund their election. While he is at it, why not name a few thousand more who get the Bernie stamp of approval to run for State Legislatures and local elections. And he commits to helping them all win, whether he becomes President or not. Then the Revolution will be real.


When Bernie's Brigade runs for office, some will win, but some will lose. If the Youth who support Bernie so fervently show up to vote for Bernie's Brigade, then a lot more will win than lose, and all of sudden you will start to see real change. Laws will get passed, funds will get dispersed and bridges to the future will begin to be built. When that happens, the second wave of Bernie's Brigade will look that much better to America and maybe even then Hillary's Hopefuls will fall in line and begin to vote for a progressive agenda and even more change will take place.


With this strategy, in three years student loans could be forgiven, college could be free, health care could be free for everyone and Wall Street for certain will have a lot less say in how We the People run America.  


And in Five years, the Partys will be silenced, the Senate will begin to fall in line, The Supreme Court will start making smart decisions once again, and the culture of Washington will have changed. 


The irony is with this one list of names, Bernie will have answered the one question Hillary has raised that has any merit- How are you gonna get it done? When anyone asks how will you afford health care or how will you afford college, he can point to one answer that really proves there is a revolution going on, Bernie's Brigade. And that will make him all the more attractive to the naysayers and he'll probably win the election in November handily. All he has to do is pay it forward and the soldiers of change will line up to follow him. I know because I am one of them and I would happily run for office to help him get it done, but I cant afford to and I won't run to prop up a corrupt system. But with 434 people standing beside me on our way to fix America, we could do it. 


It so simple really, and as American as it gets. That's the way the system is supposed to work. If it wasn't broken. And Bernie is the only one in modern history who has the power, the voice and the gumption to do it. He doesn't have to win the Nomination to win the Revolution, he just needs to write one list of names and keep doing what he's doing and he will win America back. That's what the Revolution is all about and that's how WE will do it. Just by voting. 


Published by Christopher Richard

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May 11, 2016, 3:22:04 AM

get over your bernie or bust all or nothing purist snob self and do the dirty deed of voting for anyone except a republican if only to at least cancel one trump vote and for the next 1, 2, 3 or more supreme court justices.

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