Where's George Bailey?

Where's George Bailey?

Feb 15, 2016, 2:07:35 PM News

It's always tough to get motivated on a Monday. Not sure why but for some reason, even if I do work all weekend, Mondays are a bear. So I am going to start this week off on a happy note- despite a weekend with some very dark political moments and the death of a SCOTUS Judge.  I can't just start off on a sleet-filled Monday morning railing against the Republican stupidity- I need to ease into it. 

And so today I give you George Bailey. In case you are a Millenial and have absolutely no idea who I am talking about, he is the hero of the Movie "Its a Wonderful Life", and no doubt you have seen it once when you Mom was baking Christmas cookies one year or something like that. It's an iconic Christmas tale about what one man sees when he is shown what the world would be like were he not in it. And it is my favorite movie ever. 

But what does a sappy Christmas tale have to do with a Monday Morning in February? I don't know, but with all the darkness of the past weekend, I think we need a little warm and fuzzy. We need a happy thought, we need a break from the rancor and we need a good old fashion happy ending, and there is no better happy ending than the redemption of George at the end of "Its a Wonderful Life" so why not?

But this isn't the first time I pulled old Bedford Falls into a line of thinking and there are lots of life lessons on the Mid-century streets of a quiet Upstate New York town. Oh sure we have Old Mr. Gower the Drugest and Burt the Cop and of course, Ernie the Cab Driver. And then there is Mr. Potter, the Richest and Most Dastardly Man in Bedford Falls. He pays the Congressman so much money, that he doesn't even care to take his calls when the Congressman calls to thank him. (Whoa, is that prophetic Frank Capra, or is it the same as it ever was?). And then there is Uncle Billy and his eccentric forgetfulness mixed with a menagerie of animals and alcohol. All these different people make up Bedford Falls and in the end, they make the happy ending work. 

We need a few of those Characters to make this happy ending work. Maybe we can put Marco Rubio in as the Taxi Driver, and Burt the Cop could be played by Jeb Bush. Mr. Potter has to be Donald Trump, but maybe we could do a gender switch and make Hillary in Mr. Gower. The point is, this cast of characters that gives our real world a sour feel today, they could be cast in a more positive light if we were in Bedford Falls? And maybe then we could twist a little positivity into the story line? 

I don't know, I'm grasping at straws here. Its Monday, its grey and cold and wet out, the weekend was about as ill-tempered and mean as we could get with the Debate on Saturday night and the talk of what were are gonna do about the Supreme Court now. The good news of the weekend was they liked my Chili at the Soup Kitchen where I volunteered on Saturday and my Chicken Roti turned out awesome after Chruch Sunday. But It's a dark and sad Monday though, so please just send in George for me today. He would know what to do. 


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