Befikre: ADHM poured in YRF's Glass! | Movie Review

Befikre: ADHM poured in YRF's Glass! | Movie Review

Dec 13, 2016, 5:03:31 PM Entertainment

Did I watch the French form of ADHM with some elongation? Or was it "Mere Yaar ki Shaadi Hai" in reverse? This might be the only Question left after watching YRF's Befikre. I felt like YRF's mixed Dharma's ADHM with MYKSH and poured the cocktail down my throat. Similar plots, just with some extravaganza of Music & Location.


Cast: Ranveer Singh, Vaani Kapoor

Direction: Aditya Chopra

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Duration: 130 min


Plot: The Movie Starts-Revolves-Ends on one part: KISS. Dharam - Ranveer Singh, A so called "Dilli ka Launda" is a Stand-up comedian & Shyra - Vaani Kapoor is a French guide who find themselves in Love in the Romantic city of Paris. They start living together and do the wackiest things all around Paris. But being used to different lifestyles they didn't find adjustment between themselves eventually leads to their Break-up within a year. Dharam being a feminist considers every lady who would accompany him for a night, so he adopts going with random chick post breakup. But YRF never ends it rough. The exes meet again but this time as best friends. They start living in again, intermittently recalling some of their previous relationship. But then Shyra finds Love with an Investment Banker- Ahan. They eventually decide to get married which hurts Hot-Smokey Dharam. To exact revenge, he decides to marry his Model girlfriend- Christine. A day before the wedding Dharam confesses to Shyra that he loves her and can't see her going with another guy. On the day of wedding Dharam create a ruckus in the venue and they both run away to fall into love again.


Casting: Hot-chunky Ranveer Singh is legendary in the movie. He is probably the most talented creature in Indian Cinema. No one else could have performed this role so crazily. Perfect!

While I didn't find Vaani to be suitable for this role. That made the chemistry loose among them. She tried best to cope up the energetic Ranveer, eventually failed at a lot of points.


Music: This is the only thing which holds you on seats, otherwise a Blanket would have made my recliner my Bed easily. Every genre of music well composed with addictive beats. French lyrical song Je T'aime will give your pure idea how french is been spoken.


Review: This cinema is nothing extra, just a joining of different scenes from past Bollywood's. You'll be lost at various parts due to speedy switching to Timeline. The movie is more into Kissing less in joining of plots points. It can be only a Virtual trip to Paris where you can watch extensive craziness of Ranveer & Vaani with some wackiest dare. The theater strength after only 3 days of release gave a clear indication this won't be the Last Blockbuster of the year. Ranveer & Paris can only be a reason to watch this, nothing else. And yes another add-on to look on some really nice attire of the star cast. My school senior Harshit Srivastava did his best part in designing the attires of the cast.


Ratings2.5 on 5 ; For Cinematography, Music & Ranveer's energy level, while not for Depleted plot, Lost Chemistry & Over-hyped unsorted tale.


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