Wasted another Year of your Life? No you Didn't!

The arrival of December every year brings two important things- Winters & New Year. 2016 is on the verge to end & a lot of people must be into deep thoughts that they wasted another year of their life simply Doing NOTHING. Right? 

We, Humans, live with a tendency to blame things around very easily. Couldn't crack an entrance- "I wasn't well", "My girlfriend dumped me.","I started preparing late" etc.
EXCUSES EXCUSES & EXCUSES. The same we do with our life also, We start blaming the year, "There wasn't anything worth happening this year, It was the worst year of my life." But Trust me It wasn't.

Let's flip the side of the coin, I say There must be at least ONE good thing happened to you in 2016. Just think of it.
It can be any small achievement. You might have donated a bottle of Blood to a needy Or You took your first step towards your Passion. There must be something cheerful which wouldn't have been possible if 2016 wasn't present. That's how you look to life & trust me the flip side of the coin is always Beautiful.

What Can you do to follow this Policy in your Life? 
Simple. Take a jar or a container & take a resolution this New year that You'll start writing whenever something good happens to you or you achieve some Daily life goals on a piece of paper. Drop that paper in the Jar & look at it when the year ends. Believe me, your jar will be full of it by the end of the year. Hence you have reasons to say Thanks to the year passed!

Never blame life, It's life only which brought you to read this article.
Say a big smile Thank you!! =)
Happy New Year. Drop your life achievements in the Comment section, I would love to Hear them! :)

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-Chronicles by k.

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