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Hello World,

My name is Cierra Nicole Crews, and I am a passionate Christ Lover. I have been through so many things in this life that only Jesus could have pulled me out freely. Whipped me clean, and started  me on my new way. My faith in God is bigger then this whole universe. I love people, and how we as people can change the whole dynamic of this world just with using Gods word and Peace! Now that I'm On my new journey I would hope that you all could follow along. Weather it be reading my blog post or even watching my YouTube videos. Even down to sharing what you hear or read to pass the word. I truly believe word of mouth is the best type of advertisement, So please tell all Family friends, and family members. Thank you all for those whom choose to support.  Just like in this lifetime the choice is yours, May God bless you on this journey we call life! Love you all, Jesus loves you way more!!

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