Beams of Grace

beams of light

Beams of Grace

Nov 16, 2016, 5:49:40 PM Religion


As if the sun rays shining down upon you,

Soaking up all the goodness inside; with doing so releasing a vibration that is exhilarated in your temple of mind set, leaving you warm from the outside in.

Just like on a cold wintery day; as if you are catching the school bus; Body half way frozen from the below freezing temperature you are enduring while waiting for the big yellow taxi that ships you off to school.

And yet there it is, a ray of sunlight shining down upon your pal yet not so frozen face. Soaking up all the inner warmth inside of you creating a graze of warm beams gently resting upon your face. You stand there, right in the mist of the beams; in hopes of unfreezing the rest of your pal cheeky body, before sitting on the not so warm bus seats.

And in that moment you’ve found grace.

In the mist of having to endue all climates of the atmosphere on this earth; He sends grace. Whether it be a cloud of rain on a scorching hot day; a beam of sunlight on a chilly day; a nice cool breeze on a humid muggy day. There is always a piece of grace he sends us while dealing with things that are not so pleasant. Just as he does in our everyday life.

Sometimes we are so caught up on this big miracles that we lose focus on the little yet more fulfilling ones. All things count, even the smallest things you don’t see or ever seem to notice. Embrace the smaller things; because doing so leaves us room to enjoy the bigger ones!



Published by Cierra Nicole Crews

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