Find happiness in any work place;

Find happiness in any work place;

There are some people out there that dislikes every job they have ever worked;

Then there people like me, I’d love my job at first; then while critiquing every little thing ….the devil attacks. I start to feel as if I want be happy until I’m my own boss (speaking into existence).

But then I realize that in the midst of my anger; I’m missing out on all the perks that also came alongside the bad.

I have worked a few jobs in my day (being that I’m only 23); this is what I’ve gotten out of each; Good, Bad, maybe even indifferent.

For example;

McDonalds came with moody customers but the sweet smell of early hard working people of all race and genders. The rush felt like I was always in a battle with time; but that same rush made me feel accomplished when it was all over;

Xerox came with different providers whom felt superior to you the call clerk; but I loved the freedom of making as much money you wanted as well as sitting in an office setting.

Stride Rite child shoes sales man came with a lot of untrained kids with very big hearts; and down the hall there was a Panera bread store that I went to all the time just to get there famously delicious pecan rolls!

The radio gig came with freedom to be myself and act however I wanted. The only bad was that my cohost was a big messy liar. And being a host sometimes meant you would have to lie about some things you are doing or have done. So I couldn’t have that on my heart. But other than that it was so amazing to be able to do that.

Central regional is a blessing for me because God was setting me up for different levels, while doing so promoting into a new job there and house through his mercy and Grace. Thank you Jesus. The cons where only the employees, I truly felt like I was back in high school; that all could have been avoided by being just and observer. That’s exactly what I did, I was a polite observer. Waiting, seeking knowledge about the staff and applying what I knew to my life.


You see there will always be things you like in a job. And things you dislike. Sometimes we are so focused on what we don’t like, that we lose sight of the few things we do. In life it is always better to focus on the little amount of happiness verse the big amount of disappointment. Doing so gives us hope and a lot more Faith in Christ! And his ability to do all things.

Keep Faith, and Focus only on the Good. Regardless of the amount of bad surrounding you. #faith


Published by Cierra Nicole Crews

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