Impatient Driver

You ride my bumper as if it’s invisible;

 Ruffing up your motors as if it will fly you to space.

 Curve by curve you tailgate my end as if you are holding on for dear life.

Why? Why feel the need to make whatever it is going on in your personal life feel more important than my driving.

Why does it feel as if you feel you are the most important driver on the road; and when you zoom up everyone else should switch lanes?

Having no regards for life other than your own;

 You feel you do nothing wrong.

Your angry driving; arms whaling; throat throbbing; impatient antics.

Is that how you speed through life?

As if no one else matters as long as they are not in your way; Caught in your path as you plow through life with no care in the world.

Disregarding the help needed signs on your neighbors lonely faces as you cruse on by.

Slowly pulling into your designed purpose while quickly destroying everyone else’s in hind sight.

Dear impatient driver,

Your life is greater than just self, so truly your purpose is bigger than just you.

Speeding through this life; taking what you will, in disregard to those along the way is a quick way to catch your self-drifting into an out of control spiral; spinning day in and out until you realize God has the Greatest control.

Dear impatient driver.

Dear impatient driver.

We all have a purpose, even when you feel only yours matters; we each feel in a rush to get somewhere in our own life’s that one day will be no more. So please next time you tailgate someone or half way run them off the road with your impatience antics; remember that we are mothers; fathers; sisters; brothers; cousin’s; sons ; daughters; nieces; nephews; aunts; and even uncles. We are Human, and we deserve the same respect you ask for. Have a blessed day, and drive safe!




Wrong way.

Published by Cierra Nicole Crews

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