Short Story

black gold

Short Story

Aug 19, 2021, 6:58:32 PM Creative

Young black boy is born…

Realizing he has powers deeper rooted then he expected. …

All black people do…But they must keep it a secret. The knowledge of this will destroy everything they are working for….  

The young boy does not want to contain his powers… he feels he should be able to show them freely.


“at night, they shed off the human form… unzipping the flesh transforming into a glowing, bronze, orange, brown, gold being/spirit. No face…. glowing and floating”

The family surrounds each other…  while the young boy is still zipped up... as he talks with his family. As far as he knows they have always shredded their skin at night…. that was normal to him. Discovering he had such powers…. Now that was new for him…and once he found out he wanted to Show them off.


“Son (his father says chipperly as he remains frustrated)” I know you are anxious with your new skills and all. If only we could walk around here free.

On the outside. We are Brown & Black people of color…. Just our outside appearance brings fear to them and look how they treat us. If they knew we had these special gifts/skill set… could you imagine what they would then do to us…...

“But Dad (The young boy says)

With this skill set we can change so many things. We can take over and make the world better for our people.

“(dad laughs) Son” my dear child… we don’t want to take over the world…we just want to live in peace. Help each other and just enjoy this life in peace.

“But dad”. ...we can do so much more…. (the young boy frustrated says)

Yup son…. That we will, that we will (says the dad). In a way they will never know of our full potential… we will help, we will be free. Yet we must keep our everlasting covenant. Help our people, sick, elders, youth, save our people for Jesus, heal others and work together for the better of all. To get to this level…. We have to remain in our covenant... This just proves to us… others look at the outer and do not determine the greatness of our inner.. My dear son… we will……that’s where the greatness hides…deep, deep on the inside. 

Published by Cierra Nicole Crews

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