That Co worker....

That Co worker....

The fact that you over watch my shoulder as if I don’t know.

That fact that you prolong your daily work to make it seem to others that you are working; drives me insane.

So quickly will you throw others under the bus to make sure that you always ride on top;

The fact that you brown nose around to see whose butt you can kiss next in upper management blows my mind.

The negativity from your voice rising over the noisy irrelevant mindset that you feel you should have an opinion on other coworker’s lives nearly pushes me over the edge.

You are like a nosy unwelcomed neighbor that pest around finding things to complain or dwell on that has no concern for self.

But little do you know you are like a fly to me; buzzing in and out, all about purposefully to be seen. Talked about and swatted at. But I have a Bug spray for you named Jesus. Best stuff in the business. Easily removable, fast acting and a guarantee.

Allowing me to block any and everything that seems to come from thee. Keeping my mind at ease and spirit in his ring. My walk will not be polluted due to the simple fact you like to keep the company of the wicked around you.

I don’t feel it is important to live in others’ lives while I have one of my own that needs to be reconstructed. I must dwell in the place the Lord has provided me, because I plan to keep moving forward enjoying this fleshly life through the Good word and Works of Jesus Christ; to one day hopefully have an everlasting sacrifice; To give my life for his purpose, creating a door to heaven for my resting place.

I must hold on to his promises which take me from that negative place. Pray God heals your soul, helps you with patience and continues leading you on your purposed path. Don’t allow any negative energy block his Goodness;

Have a blessed and peaceful day!

Published by Cierra Nicole Crews

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