The Feeling

The Feeling

Jan 3, 2020, 3:21:35 PM Opinion

This feeling

I know in my bones I can’t like you, tolerate yet not consume you with your thoughts, your words, the things you say or do, the feeling I get when I am only 2 feet in front of you… I can’t stand to hear your voice at times, or the sent of your smell. Small talk alerts my needs of not wanting to be bothered, surrounding my thoughts of discus and delusion thinking one day you will be better; yet your soul is sucked into your flesh which repels an order of wickedness. The gulf of smoke encountering your body so green and gray sucking everyone down as you walk in the room.

Shall I not care, my spirit and faith are to strong, to be budged by this feeling, Thank God Jesus blesses me so; diligently that all the problems of my little world stand to nothing to what reality for a lot of others are. And with that thought I filled with a better notion, I am a light allow no one, to dem Gods Creation, Stay strong. Keep smiling, keep loving, keep helping, allow Jesus to Keep Healing!

Thank you, Father, I Thank you!

Published by Cierra Nicole Crews


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