The man you could never have;

Your dreams are walking in near distance of you.

Tall, sculptured, and gracious. Up holding all the things that make your heart double beat.

Fantasizing a reality with the perfect fit you feel it to be.

Day dreams that affect your daily views; you seeing something in him, but does he see something in you?

Now your mind is playing tricks on you, so easily fooling you into the illusion of something being fully fit for you.

He likes tall, while you are short. He likes cream, while you are caramel with a hint of butter cream.

He likes toast while you prefer bagels.

He would rather live on the heel of things,

While you desire level grounds. 

Now your mind is running a race; giving you excuses as to why this perfect mind match could still fit. “Opposites attract” they say; “love is built, not brought”; “what’s meant to be will be”; Yes, that’s just it!!

 Was this ever meant to be? Not for him, yet for me.

Now will you become the guy that was never made for me.

Just because we have a perfect fitting puzzle piece, doesn’t mean the whole art will turn out to be a master piece. 

Spiritually, are we a team?

First question “I” should of asked me.  

Now I’m left standing here in greed; not because of you, but because of me. Wanting everything I’ve ever imagined it could be. Stringing things that could never be. Wasting my time, energy and thoughts on what could never be.

Never for me, because I was made especially to fit perfectly with the king God created for me. Or me for him, since I was pulled from his rib. Equally yoke is all he could be. Perfect in all ways, even those I cannot see. Because of my God, my Savoir, My Father, My everlasting king; he was already chosen for me.

Perfectly created to be, the missing puzzle piece to my everlasting dream. 

Published by Cierra Nicole Crews


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