What now.......

What now.......


Prideful individual’s consumed in all they feel they are owned.

Each side with speaker’s against each other.

Fighting over customs that have been sold for decades.

No longer do we see appreciation from other races, we see greed. We feel everything they do that resembles our “culture” is offensive; mocking us of things we can’t help but be.

But when a Godly person sees appreciation that others call hate. We are “fake”; we are Luke warm to the civil matters and injustice that stands in America (and also against). “Brown nosier”; not classified as “black and proud”.

Leaving us in the motion of standing still. Wondering why they can’t see what we see?

Its love if it’s peaceful; its power when others want to look and be like us. It’s a compliment when the only music, food and clothing they want to wear are distributed by black businesses or because of black so called culture.

It’s an everlasting sense of peace when they receive education from an HBCU; showing that they not only accept other races, but they also embrace them.

Be happy that they want what we have been trying to show them they’ve been missing for century’s now. So now that we finally have what we have been fighting for. … You all are mad? The killings are because they see us as a threat. Fight peacefully, stop being petty and protective over every little thing that has been created by one culture. Let’s grow together. Stop knocking each other off. And build each other up.

 We are a melting pot of all kinds of cultures. I feel the best thing about being so, is learning from each other; embracing the difference we see in each culture. And also using what we think makes us all feel good, because it just feels right. This ground is made up of all types of rocks, pebbles, stones, gravel, grass and dust. And that same ground is used together to hold up a greater platform which is called our foundation of life. The ground!

Without these different types of matters that make up one surface, there would be no such thing. Difference is needed because with difference creates a picture that is much greater and pleasing to the eye and fulfilling in the soul.

Imagine this land, with no grass. The same colored gravel on every plain. Same color bricks for every house. Everyone walking, talking and acting the same.…. My Lord I would lose my mind. This is why we embrace others cultures that are different from our own. Because change and difference is excitement; Embrace each other. If you are Caucasian and you want to wear braids, then do it. If you are black and you want to straighten your hair then so be it. We all know where the difference comes from. And to feel prideful enough to not see that the same desires of others wanting to be like us; is also them embracing us. It’s the karma coming back full circle… can we see it? I do! Now I hope you do too!

Published by Cierra Nicole Crews

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