100 Days of Self Discovery - Day Two What Brings you Joy?

I'm at my happiest when I'm in a bookstore. Being surrounded by books helps me to relax and feel better when I'm having a bad day. I've lost count on the amount of times I've gone into Waterstones on my lunch because I'm having a bad day and, seeing all those books makes me feel at ease.

Without sounding too cheesy, Jordan is constant source of joy for me; even on days when he is at his most annoying! He always know how to help me feel better after a bad day and, knows what to do when I'm getting stressed about stupid things.

I really really enjoy jigsaw puzzles. Some may find this sad, but I could spend hours searching for pieces and, you cannot beat that feeling of accomplishment when you actually finish one!

I haven't done any for a while now, but I also enjoy adult colouring books. I have all the Harry Potter ones, Game of Thrones and a Tolkien one.

Being praised. When someone notices how hard you have been working or the extra mile you have gone on a project and, they recognise you for that hard work.

You know that feeling you get when it's pelting down with rain outside, but you're inside all snuggled up, you've got lamps on and candles lit, blankets are on the sofa and, you're reading a good book? That feeling brings me joy. I wish you could bottle that feeling and carry it around.

It's the little things that bring me joy. Like when someone buys you a present because they saw it and thought of you. I love it when people give you things just because and, that is reason enough. 

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