AA Meetings In Chicago, Illinois

AA Meetings In Chicago, Illinois

Nov 1, 2021, 6:46:15 PM Business

Attending AA meetings in Chicago, Illinois will open the portals to many advantages in your life. Not only will you be in a supportive environment of fellow-minded people, but you will also be able to make lifelong friendships that will see you through the pull of cravings and desire to return to your former life of substance abuse.

Why Alcoholism Happens

There is a Latin term that the word ‘addiction’ is derived from. This term means ‘bound to’. 

A person who drinks more and more over time finds themselves becoming enslaved by the bonds of alcoholism. It starts gradually but soon takes over the brain in such a powerful manner that the drinker finds themselves unable to extricate themselves from its jaws. 

  • They start craving it at all times.
  • They lose control over the amount they imbibe.
  • They keep drinking, even knowing full well its adverse consequences. 

In an AA meeting in Chicago, Illinois you will become aware of the long-term consequences of alcohol addiction and learn how to box and bury yours for the rest of your life. 

Scary stats

The web of addiction is spreading like never before, and studies and researches are throwing new light on this curse so that medical professionals are able to battle it better.

  • Research says that more than 20 million Americans are battling addiction in some form or the other, be it alcohol or drugs.
  • Around two-thirds of these people have an alcohol addiction.
  • Cocaine, marijuana, and opioid pain relievers are the top addictive drugs.

If you, or a loved one, are facing the need for help to overcome your dependence on alcohol, all you need to do is attend your local AA meetings for support and help.

Knowing if you are addicted

Many people drink and wonder if they are indeed alcoholics. If you are wondering whether you are an alcoholic or not, just ask yourself these questions. 

  1. Have you been drinking more often than you used to in the past?
  2. Do you crave alcohol desperately when you are not drinking it?
  3. Are you facing withdrawal symptoms when there is a gap in your drinking?
  4. Have you been indulging in risky behaviour, doing things you would never do otherwise?
  5. Are you lying about the quantity and the number of times you are drinking alcohol? 

If the answers to these are mostly yes, you should seek professional guidance and help today.

The recovery process

Most ex-alcoholics swear by the Sobriety Calculator. This calculator keeps note of the time that’s elapsed from your last drink to the present day. Knowing your own strength of conviction really helps in controlling the urge to relapse and each milestone, whether a day, a month or a year, becomes a celebratory moment as you know you can beat this demon.

You can also read up on the 12 steps of alcoholics anonymous if you want to know more about how alcoholism is dealt with in AA meetings.

For a complete list of AA meetings in Chicago, IL visit: https://www.aa-meetings.com/aa-meeting-location/chicago-il/

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