Egypt: A Land Of Pyramids And Mosques

Egypt: A Land Of Pyramids And Mosques

Jun 15, 2021, 7:40:12 AM Life and Styles

Egypt is a transcontinental country spreading between Africa and Asia. It is also bordered by Palestine and Israel, Gulf of Aqaba and Red sea are on one side of Egypt, Sudan is located in the south of Egypt and Libya to the south of Egypt. Egypt’s official religion is Islam, it was important center of Christianity previously but in after years it was largely Islamized in seventh century. Egypt is a land of pyramids and mosques. If you are planning to visit Egypt, there are number of tour packages available. Many travel companies offer different tour packages, you can choose any one for your tour. You can plan a tour on your own also, but it will be better if you hire tour guides in Egypt.

Tour guides are the persons who are local and know every details, history, and art and culture of the place. You can hire tour guide after reaching Egypt, to roam in Egypt and Cairo. As per your budget you can also plan a luxury travel to Egypt, if your pocket permits it. A luxury travel is not only sight-seeing, but one spends money and time for experiencing the activities, which are originally performed at that place. There are Pyramids, ancient temples and eye-catching sights in the Egypt. You can also enjoy sailing along the river Nile, which is longest river of the world. This country has all the five star facilities, with a touch of tradition, you can know about the local culture, with the help of local guides.

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