Electrical Things You Need To Consider When Building A New Home

Electrical Things You Need To Consider When Building A New Home

Jun 29, 2021, 6:24:28 PM Life and Styles

Building a new home is incredibly exciting and extremely stressful. You are suddenly consumed in everything design, completing tasks given to you by the builder, choices, project management and functionality. We are here to help you out with the electrical side of things. It’s important you get this right the first time and don’t overlook its importance. If you get it wrong, you will face consequences that range from minor inconvenience to major health and safety risks.

·      Take time to plan the location of electrical outlets:

Grab a copy of your house plans and map out where your furniture and electrical devices will go. Also, think about how you will do small things like vacuum the room. Once you have a rough idea and plan in place about how you will use the room set up a meeting with your electrician. Do a walkthrough of your home with your electrician when the frame is up so you have more of an idea. Together you can map out electrical solutions that allow you to put power points, USB charges, data points and cables exactly where you need them to be. A good electrician will offer you creative solutions and make suggestions for things you haven’t thought of. They will also discuss the safety and mandatory law aspects of electrics like smoke alarms, safety switches, child safety and prevention of overloaded circuits. If you can’t afford all the power points you need straight up, you can future proof your home, so they are easy to install later on by making sure the wiring is in place.

·      Properly understand the wiring system you require:

Make a list of all the electrics you will be using in your home. This is important so your electrician knows what size switchboard you require to run your home safely. You may also want to think about surge protection in your switchboards to protect all your expensive investments straight from the hub. Safety switches on all circuits are also recommended to prevent electrocution especially if you have children and animals. You must talk to your electrician about the system that’s right for you.

·      Check out if you need extra power or an advanced wiring system:

With the ever-increasing technology, many people choose to have smart wiring to use with google at home, large home audio systems with surround sound, Foxtel connections, entertainment systems and work from home offices full of equipment. If this is you then you may need to opt for more advanced wiring options.

·      Think about your energy efficiency:

The price of power will only keep increasing alongside its environmental impact therefore doing your bit to help reduce emissions and keep costs down is vital. Home energy management systems are a great and smart way to save some money. Good quality systems allow you to control your devices, lights, swimming pool, air-conditioners remotely from the home and give you insights into how much power you are using and what is costing. They can also take your solar panels into account. Make sure you do some research and discuss these options in your electrical meeting.

·      Have fun with aesthetics:

There are so many customizable options out there to complement your interior design. Have a chat with your electrician to see the collection of designer switches available.

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