How to do the lighting of your bathroom?

How to do the lighting of your bathroom?

Jun 29, 2021, 6:18:35 PM Life and Styles

Generally speaking, ceiling downlights in the bathroom will get the job done, however, is terrible for beauty and grooming. Harsh light from above will create dark shadows, marks and lines across your face not what you want to see each morning. So how do you create the perfect bathroom lighting? Here we discuss the ways, you can light up your bathroom like a professional:

·      Use daylight as much as you can:

There is nothing better than natural light. Especially here in sunny Brisbane, Queensland. Our true selves are being represented in the daylight so this is the quality of light you will want to reproduce in your bathroom. So go for LED’s with daylight shades and show off your best self. Also, optimize any windows you may have and possibly think about skylights. If you can’t have a skylight there are some faux products out there like solar LED skylights that also double as an LED downlight at night. They are sleek and beautiful.

·      Task lighting:

Although downlights from the ceiling will get the job done, they are not mirror or beauty friendly. For best task lighting, you want a pair of wall lights/sconces mounted at eye level on either side of your mirror to provide flawless illumination. Avoid above mirror lighting which is not flattering at all and a very common mistake to make.

·      Use dimmers:

Make sure your lights are on dimmers so when you first turn them on in the morning your eyes are not screaming in pain or shock. Also, think about some dimmed LED sensor strip lighting that will automatically turn on for those midnight toilet trips without waking up everyone else.

·      Decorative, accent and ambient lighting:

Of course, you want to show off your stunning bathroom design and some visual sparkle. If you have a larger space a single pendant may just add that special touch. If you love art in the bathroom think about some recessed accent lighting to show off your pieces. Ambient light acts as light fillers, these are typically your ceiling lights that fill in the dark spaces.

·      Light switches

Your light switches can also be stunning and sleek, there are too many options. We recommend that your light switches and exhaust fan are on different switches. I don’t know about you but hearing that fan turn on every time I wash my hands drives me crazy. It’s also nice to have your task, accent and general lighting separate so you can control your light flow dependent on what you are doing.

·      Heat and exhaust fans

Think about if you want heat lamps as a way of providing some warmth in your bathroom in winter. They can also help moisture absorption. Exhaust fans are an absolute must to prevent mould, mildew, structural rot and water damage to your paint and bathroom materials.

·      Reflective surfaces:

The surfaces you choose can affect the quality and tones of your lights. Shiny surfaces, tiles and mirrors will reflect light and maximize ambience. However, they may also create glare. Some paint colours will absorb light better than others. For these fine details, it’s important to talk to your lighting specialist for some advice. Most lighting stores will have one readily available.

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