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As a child I’d wondered many places when there wasn’t something to do.

In this day in age, I doubt that’s going to be such a good thing.

            To be honest, I have no idea where I got the Bug from, to write as I do.

I have no idea in which Corner of my Mind my Imagination had the time to generate its volume of Interests and Ideas from... but it’s there!

            I can clearly remember one of my Earliest and Most Vivid memories,

When the Whole family (we’re 6 kids) as well as Mom and Dad – now Divorced,

Watched TV and I know it’s was Star Trek on the Tellie...

In this Episode they’d brought in, a Black Rock formation and were slowly but surely starting to Investigate it and study the Rock...

            The Moment the two Crew-members walk into the room it, had been Energized to, I KNEW that there was trouble coming their way!

It was the First time ever, that I’d seen what is going to happen.

Everyone was just watching the TV Episode, Oblivious as to what was going to happen!

            As Young and Imaginative as I was,

I jumped up and Over the Sofa.

AND I was hiding behind it, Knowing for sure there was something Awful coming...

I wasn’t wrong, both the crew disappeared from sight and at this everyone suddenly laughed at me for hiding behind the Sofa;

Only now and then looking to see just how far they were from Figuring out what was going on with this Damn rock!

(Thanks so Much Gene Roddenberry!)

            Since then I've been Actively living inside my own Imagination...
Only when I discovered Mom's OLD Olivetti Studio No 44 Typewriter,
did I Start to Understand the Idea of putting the Proverbial 'PEN' to Paper!
Yet, this is just a TALENT & not a Property –

It's a Blessing on to Me;
One I Need & have a Responsibility to make the MOST of it!

From the Age of 18 I've Amassed Various Pieces of Fiction.
With a great many Manuscripts done, as well as Short Stories,
Both in Afrikaans & English.

There's South African Based Film Screenplays as well, ONLY after I’ve really Finished the First would I look to Write the Second as well.

Not Published yet, I'm Now focusing on the Biggest platform out there...
The World Wide Web...

Maybe you'll see some of My works,
All In Due Time... :- )


            I’m currently 41 Years old and had been going at Writing my blog since March 30th 2014. Quit a few We’ll have to catch-up on...

I live in South Africa and working toward becoming a Paid Writer...


Thanks so Much for stopping by,

Any Questions?


P.S.: Just if you’d like to KNOW, I do Love Sci-Fi… I do write it myself as well!

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