Aspects Of Pain...

Aspects of Pain…

I can remember a man who had to put down a Prized Horse of his.
It could have been an Arabian Stallion or some Horse like that.
Not just Beautiful, and a Champion of Sorts – but as I mentioned

Now then, when the Veterinarian eventually did arrive, coming to put the Animal out of its misery – the reason for this elude me,

The poor man, Heartbroken cried like no woman would probably believe Some or Most men would-not or could-not cry.

Days ago I heard about another Male owner of a Horse.

The animal is getting older, but then there are no other worries for the animal at this moment.
That said, the Lady caring for the Horse at her Stables wants to take over the animal.
Thus, Ironically, the closer the time came to making the Decision;
Letting the women take over control or even Buy the Animal;
The man started struggling – knowing that the Horse knew when he arrived to come visit.

When they smell your personal odor, they remember it for Life!
Thus, as with the other man;
This owner couldn’t part with the Animal.
It’s not as Expensive, but still a Champion in its own right!

But again, I can believe that even this Man would have balled his eyes out,
If and when the Change had been completed and thus – the Animal was taken or
The transference of Ownership had taken place.
If he’d popped around there, sometime later;
SEEING that the animal will never forget him.
Saying the least in this,
As Animals do – they keep being Loyal to their owners…

HENCE the idea,
FOR Men not to cry or possibly SHOW Emotion
Just how much things in Life do affect us…
I can promise anyone reading this,
MEN do feel – Like our Mister Spock;
BUT; what is the ISSUE,
If we allow all this Emotion to HIT us at once,
There wouldn’t Ever be a way to Deal and Handle it,
POSSIBLY, without going a little Koo-Koo’s!

As a writer and being a Pisces/Aquarius as I am,
I can Imagine myself what people are-could-might go through.
Not only in life,
But the Feeling, my Writing might incur.

Thus, sometimes it’s Easier for women to deal with their Emotional bombardment than what Men have learned over the Millenniums to deal with…

The ONLY issue I have with this,
More Regularly than not – Women breakdown possibly as Many a time as Men get PEEVED;
And yet, able to deal with their Emotions can be as Hard as it is,
For a Man to accept the fact, that Some Things do make him Cry – Shed the Tear…

We couldn’t EVER fully Understand the Woman who does not want you to…
We wouldn’t EVER Know what to do with and what NOT to,
If she always wants to be as elusive as that Jackpot…

Thus, HOW hard is it for Men to really Deal with Life’s Pain,
When YOU, his woman will not allow him to see how you Deal with Life;

itself, in this Regard.
Letting him KNOW you fully and Understand you –

Seeing that Everyone in the World has to deal with Some Kind of Pain,

Why not teach him, If He’s Willing – to see just how you Need him as MUCH as He’d Need you;

WHEN he allows himself to be Honest at Dealing with Every possible kind of Pain…

The Bleeding pain as well as the,
Torn Heart, Which can only Mend in time…

Published by Cobus Vermeulen

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